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  1. Sadly I am very serious that that is my team (Mike Davis RB2 now though) -- Condolences are welcome.
  2. My New RB1 due to every RB going on IR -- Good Bye 2020 Fantasy Season⬇️ [eventhough i believe in him and his role -- just not as my RB1]
  3. After two weeks four RBs have more carries than Joshua Kelley: Henry (55), Elliott (44), McCaffrey (41), Drake (36) Kelley: 35-124-1 (49 receiving yards) Ekeler: 35-177-0 (58yd) CEH: 35-176-1 (32yd) Taylor: 35-123-1 (76yd) Gurley: 35-117-1 (1yd) Mixon: 35-115-0 (42yd) *of the above only McCaffrey, Elliott, Ekeler, Taylor have more receiving yards **Kelley did not receive any carries until the 2nd Half of Week 1 Very small sample size, however Joshua Kelley has proven to not only have value, but the trust of his coaching staff thus far to star
  4. My season is Over RB1: Saquon Barkley IR RB2: Le'Veon Bell IR RB3: Marlon Mack IR RB4: J.K. Dobbins <---- non-existent RB5: Joshua Kelley <---- my new RB1 [tied 4TH in the NFL in carries] RB6: Frank Gore <---- my new RB2 WR1: Deebo Samuels IR <--- thought he'd miss just Week 1 WR2: Will Fuller <--- should've known better [other WRs hurt -- Henry Ruggs started Week 1/Breshad Perriman dropped yesterday] Very Cool Story Bro
  5. A Waiver-Wire RB who steps into the Melvin Gordon role should be discussed on a Fantasy Football Forum. ....excitement for a young, talented FREE player getting opportunities? Yes Hype though? Don't believe so... [hasn't cracked my lineup yet, and I lost Le'Veon and Mack last week]
  6. Between Parris/Robinson -- Melvin is out vs. Pitts after seeing what they did to Saquon. Campbell should have a good game BUT with Robinson taking complete control of the Jags Backfield, I'd roll with him. Good Luck! ...and I appreciate the Help with mine!
  7. All three great options -- as a McLaurin fan-boy I lean his way. Good Luck. Emmanuel Sanders involved in my [Q]uestion Below...⬇️
  8. Believe Corey Davis is the play here. Good Luck! Davis involved in my question Below...⬇️
  9. I'm in on Preston this year and for you today... Thanks for the Help on mine. Good Luck!
  10. Believe Tampa, Rams, and Arizona are great season long plays. Like either Tampa or the Rams for today. Thanks for the Help on mine. Good Luck!
  11. This ⬆️ Tyrod could put up numbers playing from behind. Good Luck! Thanks for the Help with mine!
  12. After seeing what the Steelers Defense did to my Saquon, I vowed to never start a RB against them. Ever. Fuller/Chalk for me. Help Here?
  13. Not the greatest matchup but as a Will Fuller fan-boy, I can't sit when healthy Good Luck Help Here?
  14. I Like Corey Davis (in my question below) to have a productive game but I think Robinson is the play with him receiving the entire Jags backfield touches -- Moss splitting/Fragile Conner splitting (losing his job to Snell) Good Luck Help Here?
  15. Probably not a popular choice here, but with AJ Brown out I go Jonnu over the unpredictability of the the Cam led Pats Offense/Backfield. Good Luck! Help Here?
  16. I got Malcolm Brown in my question below too -- the Eagles Front should limit Brown, but for you I probably still use him. Good Luck! Help Here?
  17. That Washington Front is not to be messed with...think Josh Allen is the safer play. Good Luck! Help Here?
  18. I got Sanders/Corey Davis in my question below too -- like both of them this week. For you? Probably Manny. As for TE...Goedert. Good Luck! Help Here?
  19. Thanks for the Help Leave a Link and I'll help YOU Out!
  20. ....that stiff-arm at the End 👀⚠️
  21. You drafted Mahomes to lead you to the Fantasy Championship -- let him do his job. Never take the ball out of his hands. Help Here?
  22. Not too sure how I even feel out the "defensive" approach with MVS/Aaron Rodgers? Never know if it's good/bad... I'm projected to get destroyed so I'm in need of the Offensive Approach. The conversation is warranted though. ...as for Joshua Kelley, he isn't really in the conversation just yet (need to see more) -- this is all about JK Dobbins/Malcolm Brown for RB2. Appreciate the Help! Good Luck!
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