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  1. I would get one of the TEs to sure up your bench -- probably Cook. I do like Reagor too though -- when healthy he should own the Philly passing attack. Help Here?
  2. Debating starting MVS vs the Det secondary myself (opponent has Rodgers AND DK), but you drafted Metcalf as your guy, think you have to go with him. Help Here?
  3. Both great options but with Golladay out I think Jones will have more opportunities. Help Here?
  4. After seeing what Pitts did to my Saquon last week, I want no part of them so Melvin is Out. Probably go Hines.. Help Here?
  5. Starting Slayton this week too -- locked into my starting line-up until proven otherwise -- I start him over Campbell. Help Here?
  6. Corey Davis and MVS for me (I already did add them lol) My question involves both of them... Help Here?
  7. I'm going against Rodgers as well and have a very similar issue... (Corey Davis/MVS/ plus more...) I feel really good about Davis. Help with mine here?
  8. Same...Gage for me. Right now anyway. Tate can't be trusted at this point. Help Here?
  9. As an owner of Watson I hate starting him this week but I can't sit him... For you though, Ben is the play. Help Here?
  10. Scott is the the move. Snell will be too valuable this year with Fragile Connor. Help Here?
  11. As a Jets Fan and a disappointed Le'veon owner/believer I do that in a heartbeat without looking back. Help Here?
  12. Cook on the waiver has to be a mistake... But yes get Marvin some how...you have enough RBs, so Pollard would be the move. Help Here?
  13. Both good options for the week but I go Miller. Help Here?
  14. LEAVE A LINK and I WILL HELP YOU! Need Two WRs: - Corey Davis - No AJ Brown. Looked great on Monday Night -- feel pretty good about his chances for another good game - Emmanuel Sanders - No Michael Thomas on Monday Night Football (maybe??) -- got four redzone targets last week - Marquez Valdes-Scantling - Long TD Specialist should've had multiple long TDs last week -- PLAY AGAINST AARON RODGERS and projected to get smoked! [also have both Ruggs/Edwards, and as a Jets Fan Breshad Perriman -- who should be decent] *Starting Watson/Fuller Stack and Darius Slayton in
  15. As a Le'Veon and Mack owner, I'm debating JK, Malcolm Brown....and a distant Joshua Kelley -- probably a last minute decision that will go incredibly wrong. ...and yes, Dobbins got the two goaline TDs, but only five other carries and no receptions has me needing to see more before I confidently put him in my line-up.
  16. Long....read if you want.... Corey Davis' usage and numbers for Week 1 - along with the debate here - intrigued me enough to attempt a deep dive on his Three Year Career.... 2017- ROOKIE Year -- Misses most of the first half of the season - Jan - suffers High Ankle Sprain training for the Combine that required a 'minor surgery' - March/April - doesn't participate in Combine or Pro Days - Titans still make Davis the 5th Overall Pick of the 2017 Draft -- NCAA's All-Time Leading Receiver (5,278) [other 1st Round WRs: Mike William (7), John Ross (9)]
  17. Corey Davis didn't have Aaron Rodgers tossing him the rock -- that might have an impact on TDs. Not sure though...
  18. Should have been a lot more with a long TD miss.
  19. With Henry, the Titans are most certainly a run-first team (31 last night!!), however Tannehill threw it up 43(!) times last night with Corey Davis leading the way in targets, receptions, and yards, while moving the chains seven times for first downs -- doesn't seem like '3rd/4th in the pecking order'. At least for Week 1. ...and no one is saying to go "all in". Add to the end of your bench? Yes.
  20. Only 3 WRs had more 1st Down Receptions than Corey Davis (7) in Week 1 -- Hopkins, Adams, Ridley
  21. As someone who.... - understands the Titan's lack of an air-attack over the last few years with Marriota - sees a Big-Bodied, 6-3, former Top 5 NFL Draft Picks who looked great last night - who has had MONSTER Games in the past (9/151/1, 7-110-1) - who now sees stability at the QB position, playing with a stud in AJ Brown next to him - and seems to have the trust of his QB ...I'm of the believe it would be foolish to dismiss Davis heading into only his fourth year -- opportunities are missed with this mindset. Worthy of the last spot on your bench to s
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