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  1. Week 1: Top 4 Fantasy WR* *points in my league Darius Slayton continues to prove to be the Giants Big-Play WR and Danny's BFF. Big Year Incoming.
  2. Keenan Allen seems to want to 'feed him' Kelley was also nominated for Good Morning Football's "Angry Runs Week 1 Awards" this morning.
  3. For one...not knowing how to properly spell Michael. Hilarious. Yet sad.
  4. Won't make that mistake again -- Locked.In.My.Line-up.
  5. As a Mack/Le'Veon owner I reluctantly made the add -- certainly wasn't expecting Top FOUR RBs Numbers. Believe he earned a longer leash in the backfield. Interested in seeing how long.
  6. Should of had two TDs - the receptions will come as we move along Week 1: Joshua Kelly: 16pt (Free) Austin Ekeler: 12.80 (1st/2nd Round) *my league Hopefully you added yesterday.
  7. I'm expecting immediate fireworks in the Super Dome. 7-70+...and a Touch
  8. This kid has earned the vacated role left by Melvin, and is now Ekeler's sidekick. Would think he'd be owned more: 11% ...that should rise following Week 1 when everyone catches on. Free Value to be had. When the Head Coach (...and former running back) gives a ringing endorsement of a young RB, everyone should probably take notice.
  9. Yea right...I'll totally disregard what the offensive coordinator said.... Thanks for setting me straight. Not worthing having at the very end of my bench to see. Dropped.
  10. I'm in. Banged up late in camp with a foot injury, and missing practice yesterday, I didn't want to wait to hear the significance (if any) on Diontae Johnson's status, so I made the proactive move on this 6-4 monster who JuJu nicknamed MapleTron... "We came up with one already [nickname]. We’re using MapleTron. Maple. Because maple is big out there, so we’re using MapleTron. All he has to do is go out there and dominate." - JuJu Randy Fichtner [Pitt OC] on Chase Claypool: "I think he’s put himself into that talk of being able to be useful early in the season and a lot ear
  11. Thank You. Watson: 20/32 253 2TDs 1Int, 27 rushing Mahomes: 24/32 211 3TDs In the same attempts, Watson had more yards.... Of Watson's 12 incompletes, how many were drops? - Stills dropped both his targets (2) - Cooks had at least 1 - Carter dropped one late over the middle - Fuller dropped the first pass of the game - Duke or David Johnson had one **off the top of my head Garbage Time or not, Watson salvaged the night, and for that I am grateful. Not worried at all, nor should you. PANIC is not warranted.
  12. One.Week.at.A.Time. [we shall no longer speak above a whisper about this]
  13. -Stay Healthy- ....One Week Down, 15 more to go! Taking it Week-to-Week.... Texan's offense didn't even look good, missed a few big opportunities, and Fuller still put up a great line -- BIG YEAR...bigger games to come.
  14. Those with eyes to see don't see the JAG you speak of -- Run of the Year ⬆️
  15. Literally was just looking at all those morons dropping JK on Yahoo! after the "4th on the depth chart" Fake News -- suggest you all go right now to see if you play with one of those 1700 morons who dropped him. [Operation Mockingbird]
  16. Edwards returning to the Carolinas for his NFL Debut - combined with everything else - has me seriously considering giving him the start (3WRs/Flex -- own Ruggs too). Can't shake this feeling of him having one of those debuts that has everyone talking come Monday. Taking this over to Asst. Coach: Edwards vs. Ruggs
  17. DO NOT LISTEN TO ANYONE ELSE IN THIS THREAD! Get Marlon Mack - SMASH that Button. Mack is still the starter and will be heavily involved on the best rushing offense in the NFL, despite Taylor -- go speak to their coaches before believing the hyped up fantasy community. Fading Mack this year solely due to JT will prove to be a mistake.
  18. Got him for free two weeks ago in the 16th Round -- Advantages of being ahead of the league-curve.
  19. Remember a couple years back when Fuller made his October return from preseason injury to the score SEVEN Touchdowns in four games? How about when he started his career as the only WR in NFL History with back-to-back 100yd games? This will be my attempt at exploring the explosive, yet heartbreaking career of Will Fuller, his injuries and my love affair that keeps bringing me back for the potential that could be, only to then crush my soul..... 2016: Rookie Year - Drafted as one of my 'Rookie WRs' - back-to-back with Michael Thomas in the late rounds - As ment
  20. Jet Fan here.... Chris Herndon is this years Darren Waller* [Late-Round TE who produces TE1 Numbers] (*drafted Waller as my only TE last year -- both this year)
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