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  1. ANSWER: this current timeline you're living in Ask any Jets Fan who's watched every snap of Robby Anderson's career, and they will tell you he was replacement-level -- was never a fan.
  2. Mt. Mekhi is all you need to see to become a Le'Veon Bell believer.✈️ (...numerous other reason, but...)
  3. https://twitter.com/DevyEusuf/status/1303176947044724736?s=20 What were you doing as a 17 year old?
  4. Bryan Edwards, Las Vegas Raiders (16%) Edwards was almost an afterthought in the loaded rookie receiver class of 2020, but he finds himself well situated for a huge season. For one thing, Derek Carr can't stop talking him up. So that's a good sign. Carr has compared him to both Davante Adams and Michael Crabtree, which is plenty encouraging. Edwards has good size (6-foot-3) and an unobstructed path to serious snaps and targets, particularly after Tyrell Williams (shoulder) landed on IR. He and Henry Ruggs should each see substantial workloads, immediately. Vegas opens against Carolina, a d
  5. Back onboard with Waller -- much more expensive this year, but he earned my guy status, so... I'm with the belief of some here that the addition of the Vegas Rookies (Ruggs/Edwards) will lessen the defensive focus on Waller, freeing him up in coverage. With the overall offensive improvements of the Raiders, Wallers TD are all but guaranteed to also increase from last year. (Chris Herndon is this years Darren Waller)
  6. As an owner of both Ruggs and Edwards, I'll be paying close attention to the development/usage of both -- hearing Carr describe Edwards in the above interview as violent, big-bodied receiver with comparisons to his days at Fresno St. with Davante Adams, throwing the fade to him (...and Crabtree) has me even more excited for his potential this year. Edwards 17% Ownership will jump exponentially following Week 1. Both Vegas Rookie WR will be playable and fun to watch 2020 Fantasy.
  7. Nahh...you make the claim Le'Veon Bell will be out of the NFL after this year...you get tarred and feathered. Also land squarely on my 'DNL List'. [Do Not Listen to List]
  8. Wait!! So I just spend the last half hour reading this thread from the very beginning and after dismissing your constant talking points bashing Leveon, I had to stop and reply to this one....☝️ You're saying Le'Veon Bell will be so bad this year that he won't be in the NFL NEXT YEAR?? Noted. Clown. Reading your posts I thought to myself.... "Never listen to a thing this person says..." -- the 'gem' above has now confirmed this.
  9. Emmanuel Sanders playing opposite Michael Thomas AND catching passes from Drew Brees....? x___________✒️ Prediction: 75/900-1000/6-7 TDs <---- (room for more) ....his 121st ADP, 11th Round Price-Tag is one of the deals of the draft. **FUN FACT** Last Time playing in the SuperDome... Dec 8, 2019: 7-157-1
  10. [Full Disclosure: bias owner of Bell and Decades-Long Suffering Jets Season Ticket Holder] The Truth is this... - 2019 was a complete and utter mess for the entire Jets organization from the gate when Sam Darnold got the kissing disease (only the Jets) - Le'Veon had ZERO room to run behind a historically awful OLine and against stacked box - Played the first quarter of the season with a 3rd-String QB who should never be on an NFL field. Ever. (completely blown-out in each game/game script) - McCaffrey, Fournette, Kamara are the only true RBs who had more targets
  11. I'm sure many of you had the thought..... ...that J.K. is Mark Ingram's new Kamara -- not on that level of course. Either way, excited for Dobbin's situation and opportunity. Be fun to watch.
  12. Believe Ruggs was drafted by LV with Kansas City, Tyreek Hill, and the AFC West in mind -- they needed their own fun, explosive toy to keep up. Henry Ruggs=Tryeek-Lite
  13. For the past decade+ it was the Rotoworld App....until they sold out, now I don't have an APP for Fantasy News, so this is a good place to find a new one. Rotoworld Jumped the Shark.
  14. Didn't Intent on it but... Raiders: Henry Ruggs/Bryan Edwards/Darren Waller Jets: Breshad Perriman/Denzel Mims/Chris Herndon/Le'Veon Bell/Sam Darnold 😂😂----> Yes, life-long heartbroken Jets Fan (value, backups) Of the two Raiders/Jets WRs, one will separate from the other.... [...have Saquon/Darius Slayton too) Fooked. Absolutely Fooked.
  15. Prediction: 4% Ownership is soon to rise Exponentially📈 (Buy Shares Now)
  16. [Full Disclosure: bias multi-year-owner/believer in Mack] Coming off the first 1000 yard Colts rusher in years, combined with reports out of camp and quotes from the staff like, Mack/Taylor being a "1-1 Punch", I'm of the belief that Mack will be involved more than most think...playing for a team that likes to run behind the best OLine in the NFL. (Prediction: Best Rushing Team in the NFL) Undervalued at his ADP of 107. Despite 1st Rounder Taylor. (Decent Flex/Bye Week Filler, with potential for more)
  17. As a Jets Fan living in Jersey - amongst the privileged Giants Fans who've ragged me my entire life - I was happy to have this years 2nd Overall Pick.
  18. If all those plays he drew up for AB are now Ruggs to run, then I believe the rookie will be fun to watch -- probably giving him the start Week 1. Interested in seeing how he, Bryan Edwards and Waller look together (have all three 😵📌).
  19. Help Here☝️ If they are willing to trade Deebo for that then of course...as a Deebo owner, I don't believe they will.
  20. NEED THOUGHTS on THREE starting WRs and a FLEX. [QB/RBs/TE Locked] QB: Deshaun Watson ---->Sam Darnold (back-up) WR: WR: WR: RB: Saquon Barkley RB: Le'Veon Bell TE: Darren Waller FX: _______________[RB/WR/TE] ____WR________________________RB/TE________ Deebo Samuel Marlon Mack Will Fuller J.K. Dobbins Emmanuel Sanders Chris Herndon Darius Slayton Breshad Perriman Denzel Mims Henry Ruggs Bryan Ed
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