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  1. ๐ŸšจAngry Man Running Alert๐Ÿšจ (passes Jim Brown today for 5th All-Time in Rushing TDs) AP may rush for 200yds today...๐Ÿ‘€
  2. Adding to my earlier suggestions of Deon Cain and Demaryius Thomas -----> (yes, seriously...).... Deeep - Keesean Johnson - even with Crabtree possibly being active, very quietly Keesean put up 10 targets last week in a 4WR Base offense who'll throw the rock all day - especially today to keep up with Lamar Jackson and this potentially explosive Baltimore offense. 2% Owned. - Miles Boykin - Is it possible all the attention will be focused on Hollywood Brown after the big Week 1 NFL Debut? Boykin was the talk of camp, and thought to be Lamar's favorite target - big bodied and f
  3. https://twitter.com/EDP44513/status/1165415718512451585?s=20
  4. Tell me you don't want to be routing for this kid after watching these behind the scenes videos.... The opportunity is there. If you have room and need help at receiver, Add him before he hits waivers. videos from this article: https://www.colts.com/news/deon-cain-espn-breakout-candidates
  5. Every year I play in only one 16 Team League, and thought I put together one of my best teams in over 17 yrs, and now after getting blown out by the Top Performing RB, WR, TE of Week 1 (McCaffrey, Sammy Watkins, Evan Engram), along with a litany of other nonsense, I'm reconsidering how good I thought my team was and now have my doubts... Need thoughts on what to do.... Pick 15 of 16 -- start 2RB/3WR/TE/FLEX ___16-T .50 PPR _______ QB: Cam Newton WR: Tyreek Hill - Josh Gordon - Dede Westb
  6. That's fine, thank me first for advising the below on McLaurin before he blew up though...๐Ÿ˜‚ j/k Either way, I suggest you always think for yourself with the information gathered (...with help from the gut). IF you have better options then go with them -- I don't have that luxury in my 16T where we start three WRs, a Flex....AND losing Tyreek. Point, McLaurin will be a solid play in his 1st game infront of the home crowd vs. a divisional rival, on his birthday, with his parents in the stands and AP toting the rock with something to prove.... Let's All wish Terry McLaurin an
  7. FYI - Sunday is Terry's birthday, and his parents will be at the game.... Believe he will be gifting us a rock solid game. (these sorts of things matter to me in fantasy)
  8. Everyone is taken in my Deep League: Deon Cain Edit: Demaryius Thomas will provide value as the starting outside WR for the Jets
  9. Fake News: 2nd would be Chad Pennington 1st: Randy Moss
  10. JUST GIVE HIM THE DAMN ROCK ALREADY!!! If Drake were to get 18-20 Touches...he explodes. Pisses me off. (debating AP or Drake -- Deep league Melvin Replacement)
  11. Agreed. DT looks to be taking most of - if not all - of that 92%. Short-sighted for anyone to dismiss him. Opportunity. Starting.
  12. Gase just now... "He knows the offense and can easily be plugged in. He remembers everything." Demaryius will be starting on the outside Monday Night -- sneaky good add for deep leaguers.
  13. As a Jets Fan, and a 16T Leaguer I made the add this morning as a "You never know" type of move...This was before the Enunwa News... Gase absolutely loves him as he coached him in Denver, while he also ripped into the current WRs (Anderson in particular) after Week 1. Demaryius will have a role and now has some Fantasy Value.
  14. With Tyreek out, I'm starting him in my 16T WR3 or Flex and feeling good about it.
  15. Deep Leaguers -- Anyone really.... For those who missed out on the big Waiver WRs, Deon Cain is a guy to scoop up as the new WR2. Yes, I know rookie Campbell is there, but he's the slot with Cain lined up as the #2 on the outside. He had an awesome camp, along with preseason games...plus the staff has talked him up for a while. He'll be a Week 2 WW Add no doubt -- get in now for Free if you missed out.
  16. After waivers clear: Deon Cain -- Colts new WR2
  17. Still excited. Even moreso after watching week one....and reading the Tyler Lockett Thread ๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘Ž Was curiously quiet in here for a solid, encouraging NFL debut.
  18. Fixed the above for your enjoyment.
  19. Awful Trades. I have both Mack/Josh Gordon and wouldn't be trading them at all, especially for what is on the table -- might aswell throw the season away if you do. ....and Aaron Jones isn't the back that Mack is -- bias cause I drafted Mack over Jones, but there's a very good reason I did that. Mack is for real. Advised to keep him. (not based on Week 1 results -- in general)
  20. If you want McLaurin, now is likely the last time you can get him. As for Dede - being an Owner/Believer in both - even with the lost of Foles and Conley/Chalk decent games, I can't see dropping with the draft capital invested after only one week. HOWEVER..... You want McLaurin somehow.
  21. Wilson didn't even look at Lockett until the 4th qt.
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