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  1. Just about to say how funny it is that NOBOBY bump this thread after Mack opened the season with the most rushing yards and carries... 25/174/1 Stud Day
  2. My 3/4 Turn Picks: Josh/Melvin Gordon (Picks 47/50 -- 16TL) As a season ticket holder of the Jets AND a JG Truther - expecting something like 90/1200/10+ - I've spent the last half hour breaking s--- (not really, but...) The New England Patriots will always be cheaters - Antonio Brown - Josh Gordon - Julian Edelman - Demaryius Thomas I quit the NFL.
  3. Soon came sooner than expected. Love it!
  4. Week 1 Waiver Wire Darling: Terry McLaurin -- Skins new X WR (1% Y!Owned) Gruden speaking about the Doctson cut.... “Well, it’s a shame,” Gruden said. “Josh is a good player and I wish him nothing but the best. At the end of the day we decided to go with Terry (McLaurin) at the X and keep Paul Richardson. What does Talent + Opportunity equal....? Terry McLaurin will lead the team in Targets, Receptions and Yards, and will emerge as a solid WR3 play. .....but lets all ignore him cause the Redskins are bad, and he's just a rookie...
  5. Serious Q..uestion: Would you be willing to forgo 3.3 Million Dollars in game-checks to NOT play a game you grew up loving/playing for 10 weeks? ....or would you be ecstatic, maybe even grateful that someone is willing to pay you 10 Million a year to play a game? Once those lost game-checks start adding up, he'll come back -- when is that breaking point though?
  6. Considering him in my Flex (16T -- start three WRs)
  7. I can't quit you Kenyan Drake... ....even after disappointing last year - following a year when you lead me to a Championship after picking you up off the Waiver - you make your return. With Old Man Gore and Gase gone, I'm expecting you to do what I thought last year -- Plodder Ballage shouldn't scare anyone off Kenyan.
  8. Cool "Larry"...thought this board does predictions all the time? Guess you can't be excited about one of your favorite players in the NFL being on your team once again... Guess I should have repeated the exact same thoughts on Tyreek that I had two years ago.... You must be really fun to be around rookie. People must learn so much from you -- in my younger years on this board, I would have responded to you much differently...don't want to get banned again this year. Next time you rag on me, maybe you should just ask which young WR i think with out perform their ADP -
  9. About a half hour before the 2017 season Kick Off vs the Patriots.... - He did go bananas that night to the tune of 7/133/1 -- with an 75yd BOMB for a TD - The season prediction was on point: 75/1183/8 Total ...and with the 15th Pick Overall, Tyreek has made it back onto the team in what will be every year of his young, dynamic career. My statement from two years ago rings true....
  10. Last year Dede had 101 Targets... ...do they jump into the 130+ range with Foles? That would put him near (just outside) the upper echelon WRs. I'm a believer: 80/1100
  11. Tyreek-Ultra-Lite - New Contract Extension - Stills Traded - Owned in 2% of Y!Leagues Bought in as a backend WR with (explosive) potential
  12. Slot WR My opinion is McLaurin has the chance to be the special WR the coaches believe him to be.
  13. Believe in the coming weeks many will be disappointed they're not in position to scoop him off waivers.
  14. I wanted him at the 15/18 Turn, but some shmo took him 4th Overall In any other league I'm sure he wouldve went late 1st/early 2nd.
  15. Targets in my deep 16T Dede Westbrook (...but he doesn't really count) DK Metcalf Miles Boykin Tre'Quan Smith Terry McLaurin Keesean Johnson Darren Waller -TE (so confident, he's my only TE that I waited on til pick 207) Elijah McGuire (with the hopes Houston makes the move)
  16. Don't be too concerned... - Le'veon Bell - obvious - Ty Montgomery -- sneaky, under-rated signing. With Ty lining up all over the field, he will be a factor -- even with Bell on the field - Bilal Powell - believe he got the veteran, loyalty treatment after so many quality years in the organization following what was thought to be a career ending neck injury which he fought hard to overcome -Trenton Cannon - viewed as solely a potentially, explosive return man. Was excited to see Eli take the reigns full time this year before the Le'veon signing -- I know he hel
  17. Surprised no one bumped this thread... As a bias Jets Fan (who's also in a deeeep league) I made the speculative add in hopes of HOU giving him a go... Good back in a crowded room.
  18. Reading this thread it seems I'm the only person in Fantasy Land excited to have this monster lining up as Seattle's WR2 and catching bombs from Russell Wilson... Sheep will be Sheep.
  19. My 16 Team starts 3WRs, along with a WR/RB/TE FLEX... ...extremely difficult, but if you draft correctly it can be managed. Never understood smaller leagues starting only two WRs
  20. 16 Team League -- Pick 15 **NOTE** Other would consider these two Picks reaches...not me. Marlon Mack - with the 18th Overall Pick (2nd Round) -- owned him last year, once he got healthy he quickly earned 'my guy' status, so I had to have him on the squad once again over the other RBs at that position (Mixon, Fournette, Aaron Jones, Damien Williams, Derrick Henry). Plus there was no way he was making it back in a 16T. Some may disagree. Don't care. Josh Gordon - Admitted JG Fan Boy. Yes I have problems, and enjoy self-inflicted pain, but there was NO WAY I was letting him slip a
  21. Waited/Targeted Waller too...also only TE on my roster (other than Gronk lol). Love everything I've seen/read on him and am expecting solid numbers. Will surprise a lot of people. Surprised he's not discussed more. A lot more....soon they will be.
  22. Waited/Targeted Waller too...also only TE on my roster (other than Gronk lol). Love everything I've seen/read on him and am expecting solid numbers. Will surprise a lot of people. Surprised he's not discussed more. A lot more....soon they will be.
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