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  1. Are you holding? I was just streaming the guy, but looks like too much upside to drop right away.
  2. Didn't see a thread... Now that the tank is rolling through Cleveland, and Allen and nance don't have a timeline to return to the lineup, worth klove also a borderline shutdown guy.... Is hartenstein a play ROS? Today's line vs TOR was gorgeous (i had him rostered for the b2b)
  3. CB was drafted in most competitive 12-teamers. so was RW, but he was most likely dropped after the timeshare/slow start, so there's some legitimacy in calling him a WW guy (I scooped off WWs after team had too many injuries and he was sitting on 12 mins a night). Regardless... RW will finish higher in av rank by end of season.
  4. Anyone holding? I expect less looks with all the former All-Stars on the roster
  5. Starting center for 4 years... Got it
  6. Sato is efficient, but may not be very consistent when the bulls roster chops/changes. If you are playing for efficency, dropping garland could be addition by subtraction. I've scooped Sato in a 12-teamer but I don't think he's must add for 10-ers.
  7. I'm currently rostering rob williams and holiday... so you're saying "pull the trigger, do the trade!"?
  8. Man i was just getting excited for Rob Williams, but do i need to ship him out for KPJ?
  9. That's the frustrating part.. He doesn't play yet clogs up a roster spot due to his mid round potential
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