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  1. He never fails to bring a smile to my face everytime I see my 9-cat roto live scoring, Today it was grin from ear to ear 🥰😍, what an absolute stud.
  2. In Roto leagues the game limit is set at 82, I wonder if they are going to adjust to 72 or leave it like that. If it stays at 82 a deep rotation could be key.
  3. "D" Sample being featured while Mixon is on the bench... shame on me fir drafting Bengals 😑
  4. This was one of those "what's the point" kind of weeks, got obliterated in most of my leagues, got plenty of DJ Moore and Boston Scott, the one league I have Jacobs I got countered with Andrews, Carson and Ridley. One of my main lotto "sleepers" that I had 90% shares was doing good before going down for the year (Mack). I still remember last year feeling great about my Lamar shares, I have zero players that gave me that feeling at this start. I hope to regain confidence and do my research for next week, but today I'm not in the mood.
  5. Here is a crazy thought Texans, maybe covering Kelce in the end zone is a good idea.
  6. I have a lot of respect for him but sadly it sounds to me like Tony Dungy has lost a step (age).
  7. This stack is cost effective, it doesn´t need much draft capital to get it going, you spent a late 2nd or high 3rd on Golladay and Stafford might have been picked after the 10th round, so if Stafford goes down you only lose a late rounder, Golladay should still give you good production (see last year), and you still have a lot of quality picks to work with, including your first rounder. If you are worried about Stafford´s health you should draft another flyer qb late, there are a ton. Stacking is just another weapon in your arsenal, of course you should prioritize BPA (according to need). Stacking shouldn´t be forced, you should wait for it to fall into your lap, and should be cost effective. A high end stack is extremely risky. Also, I don´t believe in 3 or more man stacks, as someone pointed out, it severely diminishes your potential (all depending on league settings, of course, a large starting lineup might work). Good topic.
  8. Cats Roto leagues, some DND guys at their ADPs: The Brow - Unless he falls to 6 overall. Every trip to the locker room he takes, and he will take many, has you feeling stomach-sick. Westy - A drag in both FG% and FT% Mitch Rob - Elite BLKs, pretty mediocre elsewhere and plays for the Knicks, not enough value where he is being taken IMO Porzingis - He is going to rest a lot, and that´s if he manages to stay healthy. As being pointed out, at some point EVERYONE has value, so a hard DND player doesn´t exist on my board.
  9. You did good, that's a BS trade any way you slice it, a common theme with free leagues, next time make them pony up at least $20 so they think it twice over their childish rage-quiting.
  10. The lowest of blows in an auction, it could END a team right there during the draft, a couple of years back there was a J. Jones WR from the Falcons that was not Julio and last year in basketball S.Curry... SETH Curry who even looks like Stephen, I saw both work in auction money leagues (sadly).
  11. That feeling when you left Arenado on the bench (he rested yesterday and I forgot to put him back in Today).
  12. OK, did a quick search and didn't find Bunt Cakes, is he still here? Anyway, I hope Bunt Cakes or anybody else from Yahoo could help me out. It seems there is a problem with starting a new Yahoo Pro League (Roto-20), it's been at least 3 weeks and as many as 4 o 5 leagues, that we have come up to 11 teams and we get stranded there, never getting the 12th team to get the league running. Happening once is very conceivable, but 4 times happening the same thing sounds like a trend, might there be a glitch on the teams allocation? Usually it fills briskly, from 5 to 11 teams, from a day before the draft until reaches 11 and stays there, sometimes for more than a half a day. Today one owner reported that he invited a friend to join and said that that guy was allocated to a new league, same settings, same draft time... he was the only player in that new league. Edit: Nevermind about Bunt Cakes, his last post was almost a year ago.
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