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  1. This RW blurb is complete BS. Anyone who started Jacobs tonight is more than happy. I also hate RBs who get 20 + touches and score a TD. Go home, blurb guy.
  2. Mariota seemed to like throwing to Jacobs. Could this be a blessing in disguise?
  3. Coach seems to be fully committed to Akers now. Didn't even run out Brown or Hendo in obvious clock killing time when the game was already sealed. I was concerned about that shoulder injury but obviously that wasn't an issue at all.
  4. He reached for the endzone but lost control of the ball prior.
  5. Prayers answered. He just had a higher scoring fantasy game than Julio had in weeks 10, 11, and 12.
  6. But you will have to burn a waiver or some faab to get him back lol.
  7. Gotta love how he gets yardage after contact. Always seems to fall ahead a few extra yards. Believe this video has all or most of his touches from week 5.
  8. Trash take. Let's see how things follow up.
  9. Agree with this. I have a feeling he's going to go for way more FAAB than necessary. Intriguing guy short term while Tyreek is out, but for season long he's a gamble. Not a bad guy to have on your roster though if a Watkins/Hill/Hardman injury occurs.
  10. For sure. Samuels ownership % fairly high relative to Snell.
  11. Is this a human centipede reference? 🤨 He looked fine tonight. There is value here. Why so dismissive?
  12. Based on his reaction in the video, that $20 million meant nothing to him.
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