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  1. He won't be put on the IL until the season starts
  2. I think it is pretty solid man. Not big on Torres, McNeil, or Kepler, but I like the vast majority of your team. Your league has extremely odd categories though. I've never seen HR', Runs, RBi's, and steals not counted. With PA's as a category, leadoff hitters see a jump in value.
  3. Hello All, Let me know your thoughts on my team: 2021 10 Team Redraft ESPN Standard Scoring H2H Points C- Buster Posey 1B- Carlos Santana 2B- Jose Altuve 3B- Gio Urshela SS- Marcus Semien MI-Dylan Moore CI- Justin Turner OF-Mike Trout, Marcell Ozuna, Michael Conforto, Kyle Tucker, Charlie Blackmon UTIL- J.D. Martinez 9 PITCHERS- Yu Darvish, Aaron Nola, Hin-Jin Ryu, Patrick Corbin, Dylan Bundy, German Marquez, James Paxton, Carlos Carrassco, Jameson Taillon Bench- Joakim Soria, Jordan Romano, Anthony Bass
  4. I understand the joke, but this isn’t what I am saying. Miggy IS irrelevant in fantasy terms now. He IS expected to be nothing special, so to see him dropping weight in the spring and cranking 2 bombs off the top rated pitcher in the universe makes you think hmm maybe I’ll see what he does the rest of the spring. It’s possible he outperforms his ADP. However, Cole IS the top ranked pitcher in baseball, he IS the top projected points leader in fantasy. He SHOULD be held to a higher standard in my opinion. Sure you can say spring is spring, but you can also just as easily say damn I should have
  5. You very well might be right and he might be an 18 game winner with 280k’s and a 3.00 ERA, but I just figured I’d bring it up since he’s a first round pick who was getting shelled.
  6. Pitchers are volatile as hell to begin with and you just don’t love to see it. Granted it is spring training and all, but new team, NYY pressure, contract pressure, losing Severino must carry the load pressure are all factors that could be in his mind. He was also a part of the “cheater” Astros and doesn’t have his boy JV to push him to be the best anymore either. You just never know and spring training or not you don’t like to see a guy get shelled by a scrub team and an aging miggy. If he gets blasted next outing will it be time for concern then? Fantasy drafts are upon us and it’s never too
  7. Does today shake anyone’s confidence on him at all for 2020?
  8. Yes it is a snake draft I wouldn't draft again until 20.
  9. Andujar and Gurriel imo. I think they are incredible for $1. little help?
  10. I am in a points league where last season Verlander and Cole had over 800 points and the next closest pitcher had 657. The top hitter had 603 points. I have the # 1 pick. I normally hate taking pitchers in the first round, but it is almost dumb of me if I decide not to take Cole #1 overall? Standard Espn 10 team Points. WHIR
  11. I’m not sure if this is the correct thread since this is ESPN specific. On the ESPN app Ohtani is competent grayed out and cannot be moved or traded. The only option is to drop him and I am just wondering what is going on with that exactly?
  12. Stay active on the wire as always. Your team is solid overall if I was trying to upgrade it would be 4/5 OF’s Utility and the back end of your rotation. I think Realmuto should put up elite numbers this season for a catcher. I am not the biggest Trea Turner guy but I love me some Bregman! For categories your team seems it will fair well, but could always be improved through the waiver wire. Don’t be afraid to punt categories if you feel it will dramatically increase your advantages in other categories. The winning teams usually are winning the same categories pretty consistently I’ve seen. Tha
  13. Very solid team. I like your offense quite a bit maybe besides your utility slot. Your pitching is good not great but coupled with your offense it’s a solid team overall especially for a 12 teamer. Return the favor?
  14. Very solid for a 14 teamed! Good balance of offense and pitching. Mallex Smith and Tim Anderson could be upgraded but for a 14 teamer your team is very solid. I love your top 2 pitchers of course and your whole team seems well rounded. Little help ?
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