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  1. @kdko @PisEdiRin Seek help. Professional help. Immediately. It concerns me that you're out here passing your "opinions" off as "advice".
  2. 2 teams. 2 championships. My best season ever.
  3. To be fair - I still won the league 😂
  4. Some good stuff here for sure. Bolded the ones I really like. Only one I don't really agree with is the good RB/bad offense philosophy. RB is a freaking crap shoot at the end of the day. Sometimes talent prevails, other times it doesn't. Just gotta hope you get lucky.
  5. Honestly I'm looking at my two championship teams and trying to mine some good nuggets of info, but the only thing I'm really gathering is that it's all luck. One team is basically the team I drafted, the other is almost all WW adds. There is 0 player crossover between the two rosters. I guess the best tip I can give is that winning seasons are made on smart WW moves - both those made and those not made. Don't give up on your guys too early, and don't hesitate to capitalize when other managers do. Be smart, and be lucky. That's it, that's the strategy.
  6. Here's another one Rodgers / Herbert Jacobs / Conner / D. Johnson / Gaskin Hill / Diggs / Aiyuk Hockenson
  7. You'll never actually believe this is a roster from a 12-team league... Tannehill/Stafford Kamara/CEH/Taylor/Swift/Dobbins Julio/Ridley/Thielen Henry/Gronk
  8. I've had blind faith in this man since his MVP caliber season of 2016. It's time to collect.
  9. That was my concern pretty much. Lack of talent at QB and complementary weapons really holds him back. That said, he performed better than I thought he would. Kid has stud WR1 potential, just needs the supporting cast.
  10. So looking back - do owners feel he was a good value as a 4th/5th round pick? Before the season I was saying that's too high for him and wasn't a good value. First half of the season he definitely proved me wrong, but inconsistency and a poor 2nd half may have changed things. Seems to me like he was pretty in-line with his draft value, but I'm interested to hear how owners feel.
  11. [...] Considering dropping him just to be a landmine...
  12. Ahmed and Brieda both looked excellent last week. Can we even trust him in week 16?
  13. Any concern if Mullens can't go and Beathard is his QB?
  14. Too early to tell, gonna depend on what the team does in the offseason with the RB position. Now to more pressing issues, if Yahoo would let me drop him, that would be greeeeeeeat.
  15. Out tonight. Hope you rolled with someone else this weekend and not stuck with one of the other turds.
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