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  1. Trubisky was NOT the consensus “most NFL ready” QB in that draft. Watson was clearly miles ahead of 1-yr college wonder Trubisky. This announcer is either kissing someone’s @$$ or he’s clueless
  2. Anyone else feel really bad for Fulgham at this point? He was pretty much the only Eagle worth starting for about a month & suddenly he’s not even playing
  3. I think they still make some bad mistakes due to youth. But the arrow is pointing up
  4. This has been such a fun game to watch. The Raiders are definitely going to be a serious contender soon. Maybe not this year, but they’re getting there
  5. This Charger running game is awful. If Ballage is your lead back, you’re in a bad spot 🤷🏻‍♂️
  6. Exactly. Gotta protect the franchise QB with as often as he’s gonna be dropping back
  7. No Julio for the 1st drive in 2nd half. Ugh
  8. Just going by the announcer saying they weren’t going to show the replay so I’m guessing it’s really bad. I just hope he can return on time next year
  9. Carted off. Sounds like a season-ender
  10. Burrow down in major pain with a left knee
  11. Amen. I’m amending my draft rules to never draft or trade for a WR 30 or older
  12. Terrible. I’m so glad I moved away from Chicago so I don’t have to watch this garbage every week. The only good offense this team has had since 85 was the Erik Kramer/Curtis Conway/Jeff Graham years
  13. He was actually one I thought might be a possibility. Chicago suburbs kid & went to Eastern Illinois. The question is if Robinson leaves, who will he throw to?
  14. And there’s very little hope for QB help in the off-season. The FA market is...less than inspiring?
  15. OK, I missed it yesterday... They seriously flagged the 49er for roughing on that Brees tackle???
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