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  1. True, but unlikely with Howard, Breida, Gaskin, and Laird all in front of him--not that any of that group is particularly impressive, I just don't see Bowden getting more than gadget-play snaps with that group there. Bowden's real "upside" probably only exists if Tua's hip ends up being a problem and Bowden gets meaningful QB snaps later in the season once Miami is tanked (Bowden did play some QB in college last year, though it was basically a RB as a QB).
  2. Not saying that he was actually worn down, but it's worth pointing out that the only active players with more career carries than Ingram are: - Frank Gore - Adrian Peterson - Marshawn Lynch (who's probably not actually active) - LeSean McCoy So he's taken his fair share of hits.
  3. Nope, 21st in standard. So the stat is obfuscating context in the same way that saying "LeVeon has never had a top 15 season outside Pittsburgh" does.
  4. They already signed Hyde, picked DeeJay Dallas in the 4th, and have Penny on the Active/PUP rather than IR, so I just don't see it happening in Seattle.
  5. People who probably hurt your team more than Saquon if you drafted them last year: - James Conner (1st round) - LeVeon Bell (1st round) - David Johnson (1st round) - JuJu Smith-Schuster (2nd round) - Odell Beckham Jr (2nd round) - Todd Gurley (2nd round) - Joe Mixon (2nd round) - Antonio Brown (2nd round) - Damien Williams (3rd round) - Kerryon Johnson (3rd round) - Devonta Freeman (3rd round) There's a few more that are borderline and probably worse than drafting Saquon in the first 3 rounds, but I left it to the ones t
  6. The correlation is saying they're good as long as you ignore their primary downsides, which happen to have a fairly decent sample size of occurring.
  7. Not saying Carson will lose the starter's job, but saying that you're not concerned about Carson as long as he's healthy and not fumbling is basically the same as saying you weren't worried about Josh Gordon for the last 5 years as long as he stays away from drugs.
  8. Paired with Aaron Rodgers = MrRodgersChubb for me.
  9. Beat everyone in the league this week... ...Except the person that I'm matched up against in the playoffs No repeat for me this year
  10. Have to bench one of these guys in a PPR league: Kareem Hunt (hypothetically huge upside, but hasn't played well in weeks) Gio Bernard (lowest talent of the three, but probably a 3 down back this week) Josh Gordon (huge talent, but snow and a crappy QB make this week a risk) thoughts?
  11. That's my exact worry--Cleveland has by far given the most points against in my league, but Flash/hurt DBs have me thinking.
  12. Currently have Green Bay loaded up for their matchup vs the Browns, anyone else going with them? Other options are Bills vs Indy, and Cinci vs the Bears.
  13. For those in keeper leagues, where does Hunt's value currently lay? Would you value him as a 1st rounder next year? 2nd? 3rd?
  14. Concussion is an all-or-nothing type clearance, either he's playing close to full snaps or not at all. For what it's worth though I agree, I'd rather just have him full-bore in times for the playoffs.
  15. Go ahead and tell yourself that story. It’s not as if you have better options or will listen to good advice anyway, ya schmuck. The usage has gotten so maddening that its brought out Proteus' split personalities!
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