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  1. how much longer on average with no setbacks does it normally take once they get to throwing from 120 feet ?
  2. If they can put a man on the moon, i'm sure they can figure how to play baseball safely
  3. With Mckay hitting waivers tomorrow and i have #1 waiver...should i drop strahm or yamamoto for him. I would get to keep any of these 3 for the next three years? What y'all think? WHIR to the best of my abilities. fyi not my team in sig...haven't updated in a while my pitchers are urias, stripling, hamels, soroka, canning, caleb smith, yamamoto, strahm severino and kluber on the IL
  4. does anyone know why he has a dtd tag by his name on yahoo? I tried google but can't dig anything up
  5. al/nl and ya i've punched in his name correctly with the erad and eick...nothings showing. Even filter philli and pitchers and he doesn't show.
  6. Is anyone else playing in a yahoo league and can't find him. He doesn't seem to be in the player data base in mine
  7. don't hockey players and football players literally run or skate full speed at a person with the intentions of hitting them as hard as they can probably trying to knock them out every single time they are involved in any kind of play?
  8. Hey just wondering if anybody knows any catcher duo that will be platooning with each other. Kind of like Grandal and Barnes. Thinking of drafting 2 catchers from 1 team again. Did it with Milwaukee last year with Pina and Bandy. Worked out all right.
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