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  1. This is hilarious. If you looked at the schedule to start the year, everyone said don't expect much out of the Giants offense the first 3 weeks. Well, that happened. The schedule opens up a ton going forward and you'll see a lot more weeks like week 2.
  2. Disagree. We haven't seen them use Snell and Samuels along with Big Ben. Last night, Snell showed he can be the grinder they need. I don't have either, but I'd be very worried that even when healthy, this becomes more of a RBBC than you'd like.
  3. Thanks! Jones is who I have in right now. I think I'm afraid of missing out on a blow up game by D-Jax (I have Wentz); even considered starting both Jones and Jackson (benching Mostert) but that's too much for me. For your lineup, I'd personally go with Sanders. I'm starting him in the same league as my Jones/D-Jax decision. That said, if they promote a practice squad RB today or tomorrow morning, I'd rolle with Gordon.
  4. Starting Adams/Ridley/Chark at WR Sanders/Ingram/Mostert at 2 RBs and 1 flex. Do you start Marvin Jones or D-Jax?
  5. Based on what exactly? You can't see him getting the hamstring healthy and starting for KC?
  6. Sure, but you said he's not "worth anything". A decent player is worth something, especially as injuries pile up and bye weeks start. There is something to be said for guaranteed touches when you're contemplating him vs Geronimo, Crowder, etc...
  7. I completely disagree. He's getting 14 touches per game right now and in a ppr league, that's worth something as a bye week or injury fill in. 7.10 15.2 11.30 9.0 I'm not saying he's going to blow up or take over the lead role, but you can do much, much worse.
  8. I don't understand... didn't he come back in the game and look just fine after leaving briefly to get checked out? I have Samuels either way, but didn't know there was any concern...
  9. Right? I didn't draft a TE at all and was mocked. Started Andrews (with Goeddert stashed) and couldn't have worked out better.
  10. Are you playing Bibbs even if Perine is active?
  11. If Vereen is the receiving back, how does that explain the 4 catches in each of the last 2 games for Gallman? He has played the larger majority of snaps and Manning often checks down. Thinking about playing him over Lamar Miller. Miller's flow is somehow lower than Gallman's imo.
  12. I've been thinking about this myself. In a full PPR, we also get 1 point per 25 return yards (with bonus at 150). He has finished with 9+ points in 10 of 13 games, which doesn't sound great until you realize my other 2 options are currently Shepard or Ginn.
  13. Sure, he didn't look great before the injury but still 13+ in PPR league at time of injury. He would've ended up with 20 points minimum in catch-up mode so I'm not going to worry too much about his running ability after 1 game. That said, I made backup plans to bolster my RB's by trading for the Rodgers/Martin combo.
  14. I guess I don't see how it's a "joke" if everyone in the league is in favor of no waivers. It's a very serious league, but 95% of the league repeatedly votes not to have waivers. To each their own, no matter if it's a "serious" league or not... there are multiple ways to play and make it extremely competitive.
  15. I actually play in a league with no waivers whatsoever... so it would benefit the person in my league who has Powell if they wanted to wait and see what he looks like and then simply drop him if he doesn't show anything.
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