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  1. Rogers is on the wire and I have Ian Anderson, McCullers and Lopez in my sights as a drop. Stay put or drop one? Thanks and leave a link!
  2. Solid B maybe B plus. Your pitching staff to me looks like you did ok if that's your worry. Got some really solid bats.
  3. I always lean to the side getting the best player. For me that's Story, but this one is close due to Snell.
  4. Manaea and Odorizzi. Great pitcher's park in Oakland and a chance for plenty of wins in Houston for Odorizzi with that supporting cast.
  5. Just got a trade offer for LeMahieu, getting back Rizzo and Altuve. Thinking it over since I just lost Voit. Pull the trigger? Thanks and leave a link!
  6. Drafted Smith as my catcher before the news broke about him starting only 90 games . Got a trade on the table for Vazquez who should have better volume. Pull the trigger? Thanks and leave a link!
  7. 10 team full PPR league..Got my draft coming this weekend. Kamara would normally be a slam dunk but with the back issue and his contract seems sketchy at best. Not even sold on a rb at #4 but they go quick. What do you guys think? Thanks and WHIR!
  8. I would add Schoop, he's putting up good numbers and #2 in the lineup. You could see what you might get back on Abreu or Chapman
  9. Well I have Luzardo too, cant see dropping anyone else except him and he's right up there with the other rookie SP's. Guess he'd be the drop?
  10. Redraft league. Sixto lit them up last night, thinking about dropping Valdez for him. What do you guys think? Thanks and WHIR!
  11. 1. Severino. Was lighting it up and catcher is tough to find consistent production. 2. Not overly high on Akiyama so personally I wouldn't be too down on a switch. Tough to project with him. Not too excited about your options but I think I'd go Jones here.
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