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  1. Thanks. I went ahead and took the trade. I have bigs to burn and since this is a keeper league, I saw long term upside with Dipo.
  2. I would get Dipo/Rui? Should I do it? Yahoo H2H Categories League
  3. I didn't watch the game but from what I heard, it was a lot of Boston Scott late. Is that a byproduct of the game flow OR is it a preference for Scott by Press Taylor?
  4. No clue how Miami will adjust their passing game with Preston out, if they will make Grant the WR2 + keep him involved in the return game and the Chargers can certainly be run on this week, so for this game - unless you are desperate - Grant is a "wait and see". He has juicy matchups versus DEN/NYJ after this week. He could be a nice flex option in a PPR league with 6 or 7 targets, action in the return game and Preston's injury opening up more TDs. Is it possible he is good for 13 PPR points with a shot at a 20 PPR game? Sure Is it possible he isn't any more than he is now and we jus
  5. He's especially intriguing for leagues that factor in return yards.
  6. I'm starting Jones. Even a 50%, Jones is better than the 100% of my alternatives (Leveon Bell, Jordan Howard, Gus Edwards). So for me it is a lack of legit alternatives. I can live with it if Jones does end up in a limited role and doesn't produce much. Less so if I bench him and he has a strong game because I opted for the 36 rushing yards of Jordan Howard.
  7. Yup. It's looking like this is one of 4 games with ugly weather conditions and that impacts Ruggs more than most since he seems to only have one route and that is go deep. This game is likely more Jacobs/Waller/Renfrow and if the Raiders do take shots, they also have Agholor. Ruggs is ultimate boom or bust.
  8. Added him for this exact reason. ZERO desire to play him this week but if Ingram is out a while and Gus plays well and outplays Dobbins this week, then he becomes an intriguing option going forward. We know the Ravens love to run and we've seen Gus do well before, so I think he can be valuable.
  9. For me, with Davis but no CMC, my options are (A) Hold (B) Trade to CMC owner. Unless you're in a shallow league and there is something nice and shiny on the waiver wire of course. I have him in a deep league and the shiniest thing on the WW is like Booker.
  10. Any interest now with MT's hamstring injury?
  11. The reports are AP will see his normal workload. My guess is Swift won't truly get more run until Patricia is canned and that might happen if he loses the next 2 games to bad teams to fall to 1-5.
  12. Holding. I have him in two leagues and have received multiple offers. The best one I got was James Robinson + TY Hilton. Don't get me wrong, I like Robinson but no. Just no.
  13. Hi all, first post in a while. Hope everyone is staying safe. Did a 14 team 20 spot PPR league (with 3 IDP).I did not draft a kicker so I can stack my RB depth but time is coming to make that move. My top 4 RBs are Sanders, A. Jones, Lev Bell and Z. Moss Who should I drop for a kicker? Chris Thompson, Duke Johnson or Boston Scott (Sanders' handcuff with potential standalone value)
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