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  1. RB's - Eckler, A Jones, Mostert WR's- J Jones, D Adams, Edelman, Deebo Need to start 2 RB's + 2 WR's and 1 FLEX....(per league)...who do you start? I need the home run swing lineup.
  2. I'm in a situation of Mostert or Montgomery. I'm leaning Mostert just based off of the O/U for that game. No doubt Coleman is dinged up and it could easily be a blowout, which helps Mostert.
  3. 1pt PPR, need 3 WR...here are my options Boyd Pascal Stills D. Samuel
  4. Hopefully everyone looted the waiver correctly this week and got a RB1 for THIS week and potentially at some point within the next several weeks. FIRE HIM UP!
  5. glad to see someone that has been watching football over the last few years in this forum. It’s simple, you get the Pitt RB and fire him up every week at a potential high upside RB1 , high RB 2 minimum.
  6. planning ahead is for winners. Bad take but you won’t admit that I’m absolutely right. Hold on to your Conner without a handcuff, makes absolutely no sense. yea use a 50/50 coin analogy to prove a point about someone who has been injured already in his short NFL career. You Are right, I didn’t have Samuels in all my leagues last year and cash in because of him absolutely balling out. He didn’t win any leagues last year. You are right. 100%.
  7. It's not baseless if you actually watch the games and are not just reading comments on boards for stats. The steelers always get the RB involved. Conner has not finished a season and is always on the injury report. Why not add him and then fire him up if Conner is out? Why not plan ahead? [...]
  8. As of today, mathematically...yes. If they lost the next 3 games ( Colts, Rams, Browns)...then NO. All be favored against the Steelers. Either 2 of the Colts, Houston, Bills have MUCH better chances of making the playoffs. Last time Samuels was healthy, him AND Conner had 8 targets WITH 8 catches. This offense will do everything to get the RB involved to make it easier for their awful QB, so Samuels will always be a top 15 RB if Conner is out. Plan ahead!
  9. Has Conner ever finished a full year? How many times has he been listed on the injury report this year. He's literally been on the injury report for more than half their games this year. Why continue to run him into the ground if they are out of the playoff hunt? Did you watch Mason Rudolph? He struggled against the worst team in the league. The steelers are going nowhere and Conner will miss time. It's really not that hard.
  10. Yea...not even close to being active... https://www.steelers.com/news/samuels-feeling-100-percent
  11. Far from useless, but obviously much more valuable if Conner is hurt.
  12. he’s a top RB 15 play this week with RB1 potential. 5 weeks left in fantasy regular season and with how bad Conner’s injury history is, it justifies stashing him long term and possibly starting him this week.
  13. Conner has averaged more than 15 fantasy points a game with Rudolph. You must be new to fantasy and the Steelers offense. It’s okay. He will be a top 15 RB period with Conner out. You think he’s a Flex and not even an RB2. That explains enough.
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