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  1. Hello all - I am debating whether to punt assists in a h2h categories league, and figured it would be a good general discussion for everyone else to benefit from as well. Do you think that punting assists is a sound strategy, or does it leave your team weak in other areas that high assist players typically also do well in? (Steals maybe?) basically, if you punt assists, are there other categories you may unwittingly be hurt in as well? When I sort projections on Hashtag Basketball and eliminate assists, there are all sorts of players that move up in the rankings. It’s pretty incredib
  2. Great points guys thanks. Minors players can only be drafted in our offseason rookie draft. A player can’t be picked up in season unless he is in the major leagues. And minors spots don’t take up roster spots so dropping Manning for an OF wouldn’t do anything for me, for instance.
  3. Also would say stick with what you got! That’s a bit too deep of a dive
  4. Keep Workman been much better. He seems to be getting the saves now and pitching well.
  5. Definitely take #1! Great deal. I see tatis fading a bit, he can't sustain that BA with his current plate discipline, don't do #2
  6. Team in sig. As you can see, I've been plagued with injuries in the rotation (Taillon, Glasnow, Rich Hill... shocker) and I'm going with Gerrit Cole and a piecemeal staff. I've been offered a package of Kershaw $26, Buehler $33, Stroman $5, Maeda $5, and Jansen $24 for Wander Franco (rookie contract), David Dahl (2yrs, $18), and Matt Manning (rookie contract) Right now, the only one worth keeping is maybe Stroman (Maeda is on an expiring contract and can't be kept). I would be giving up potentially 4-5 years of control of both Wander Franco and Matt Manning. It's n
  7. Goldy. He gives you similar counting stats to Arenado but adds SBs. I think the humidor discussion is way overblown. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/694308-donaldsonweaver-or-carrascobenintendi/
  8. Definitely go Sanchez. Far and away the top catcher, and while Bregman is gonna be a stud, Sanchise already is. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/694308-donaldsonweaver-or-carrascobenintendi/
  9. Donaldson $16 (keep indefinitely) and Luke Weaver $1 (2018 only) or Carrasco $13 (keep indefinitely) and Benintendi $25 (2018 only) This is pre-draft, so Donaldson side gets an extra $21 to spend in the draft. League in sig.
  10. What does everyone think of Raul Mondesi? Any chance of being a cheap source of speed late?
  11. Nice pick on Barnes. Looks intriguing. I will definitely be researching him more, esp. based on how much LA liked him during the playoffs over Grandal.
  12. Agreed. Was gonna put Hendricks on my list too, but ran out of time to write an explanation.
  13. Interesting - why him? He did seem like he flashed some nice power, just looking for someone more familiar with the guy.
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