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  1. And an automatic first downnnnnnn. What the hell was that
  2. That feeling when he’s going to sit out a series then beast the rest of the way. That feeling when I’ll come back and quote this and laugh my a** off
  3. Wow bro they sent him a letter and said BAD AB BAD BOY! I’m absolutely scared now. Selling all my shares. Awww did someone miss out on picking AB. Sorry to hear that bro. Have fun watching him post weekly elite WR1 lines
  4. Except the talent level between them is not even remotely comparable
  5. Lmao I love this for my fantasy team bc the raiders organization is such a bunch of pushovers that they are going to give him whatever he wants and as much targets as he wants. This is going to be a gloriously selfish season for him and that only bodes well for us owners. I could care less about him off field antics They don’t have the balls to bench him
  6. Lmao imagine giving the guy 90 million dollars to touch the field 20 times. I think Slater is on crack and meant to say he’ll be getting the ball 20-25 times. What a moron she is. Just reporting to try and make a splash to get her name out there first Now that he got his way they are going to run him into the ground. He’s gona need a wheelchair by the time he retires now
  7. Yes they are going to risk their main running back getting injured on punt and kick returns
  8. lmao this post makes no sense and I will quote it for comedy come week 6 when he's a top 5 overall fantasy RB.. last year was a complete fluke and had many factors working against him including lingering injuries.. this guys talent level plays at an elite NFL level when he's healthy and by all indications he's as healthy as he's ever been so good luck getting steamrolled by the Fournette owner
  9. lmao it really does seem that way huh.. just another passionate fan like me that's all. And he's right btw on top of it
  10. I will review this post and laugh after the game next week, have fun losing your money champ
  11. Lmao this guy is trash and is gona get stuffed by the Giants defense in week one. Jerry will break out the American Express Gold card for zeke immediately after the game and say goodbye to JAG POLLARD
  12. Well you need to bust out the friggin calculator again and get back to work bc those odds are trash and I would love to take you up on them for the Giants side. Let me know Chief.. ABSOLUTELY DISGRACEFUL ODDS, gona be funny when the Giants come out and toss them. No chance without Zeke.. OH MY GOD IM SO SCARED OF GAME MANAGER DAK THROWING FOR 150 YARDS without zeke to take off pressure
  13. yeah well whoever made those odds must not have heard of someone named Saquon is in for a rude awakening. I suggest you take advantage of those odds and put it on the Giants if you know what's good for you
  14. If he splits carries, he will most certainly not be in the top 5 much less the number one overall. Thats a crazy thing to say with no logic whatsoever
  15. lmao yeah it was all system those two clutch Super Bowl wins all thanks to his play. At least act like you know football before posting on a football forum
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