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  1. Having picked up Magill a few hours earlier to join Hand and Pagan as my closers, it turned out to be quite a day for my ERA and ratio.
  2. I think he does - I can't see him losing it that quickly. That said, I haven't looked at his velocity compared to prior years or other peripherals, but I think he bounces back. Good luck!
  3. Thanks for your response! Altuve would be gone after this year and he's $42. I have Gattis, Zunino, Gallo, Solarte, Segura, Candelario, Matt Davidson, Kemp, Stanton, Cave, Brantley, Engel, Leonys Martin, Tilson, Carrasco, Edwin Diaz, Joe Jimenez, JA Happ, Leake, Chaz Roe, Hamels, Pxton, and Severino, with Hechavarria and Delmonico on reserve and Nick Gordon, Jorge Mateo, and WIllie Calhoun on the farm.
  4. 12 team AL only 5 x 5 $260 budget Roto keeper league. I'm in first right now by a ton, but there's a long way to go. I have Luis Severino for $14 for two more years, Jeimer Candelario for $3 for one more year and WIllie Calhoun on the farm for $10 for 3 years. I've been offered Altuve (expires this year), Sabathia (expires this year), and Brett Gardner ($21 for one more year) for Severino and Candelario, although I think they would do Calhoun instead of Candelario. Or, they would do Severino for Altuve and Sabathia. I'm in first in all pitching categories and all hitting categories but SB and BA, both of which Altuve and, to a lesser extent, Gardner would help. I'm really torn - I think I could make up for the loss of Severino (I have Paxton, Leake, Happ, Hamels, and Carrasco), but I'd love to keep Severino for two more years at such a good price. But, I think adding Altuve would really solidify my hitting. Any thoughts? Thanks, and WHIR.
  5. Thoughts about Rondon vs Roe ROS? Thanks!
  6. Unfortunately no save - he came in with a three run lead but one out. I picked him up yesterday so when I saw the score this morning I was hoping for a save, but no luck.
  7. This may not be the right thread for this question, but I'll ask anyway. Our league has a farm draft in which we can draft minor leaguers, with rookie status, and stash them with a $10 salary. Rather than taking a team's highest rated rookie, who isn't going to get to the majors for 3 or 4 more years, I like to look for guys who are essentially the "next man up" - someone who is close to getting promoted so, when a major leaguer goes on the DL, this guy is going to come up to replace him. Any thoughts on resources that would be helpful to find these kind of players? Thanks!
  8. Thanks - I have been using that for a few years and it is very helpful;
  9. Never heard of it, but just checked the site out. Certainly can't beat the price. Have you used it before and, if so, for auction drafts?
  10. Any thoughts on Mac-compatible auction software? I started out creating my own Excel spreadsheet which kept track of all teams, remaining dollars, etc., as well as my category goals and what I still needed to reach them as the draft progressed. I then moved to the Rotowire iPad app, which I thought was pretty good, although working on the iPad, even with a Bluetooth keyboard, had its challenges. It now looks like there are more sites with Mac-compatible software, and I was wondering what people's experience has been - I've seen Rotoworld, Rotochamp, Rotowire (now Mac-compatible), Fandraft, War room on Razzball, and others. I was curious as to what programs people have liked for auction drafts. Thanks!
  11. In a 12 team AL auction league - any thoughts as to which app is better between Rotochamp and Rotowire? I bought them both, and they both seem good and pretty comparable, but I'm only going to use one at my draft. In Rotochamp, I do like the target feature that shows how close I'm getting to my targeted stats, but I also think Rotowire has a cleaner interface. Thanks!
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