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  1. Which reds OF has better upside this year??? whir
  2. Keb for the reason you mentioned. He’s going to rake again-only problem is how bad pitt will be. Still take Hayes
  3. I’ve got both these guys at 19th round value. Who you got kebryan hayes trent Grisham
  4. Trent grisham kebryan Hayes anthony santander all players have 19th round value if I keep them. draft on saturday who is the better player to KEEP this year AND moving forward? whir
  5. @rufflemaster @Admiral Aybar @BCMarch10 Can y’all please give some insight here thanks
  6. Thanks for the input fellas I think I’m down to one last slot Ive made great reads over the years picking up guys before they hotbed the bigs took a chance keeping them and they’ve all paid off (bellinger, Alonso, yordan and story before I didn’t keep one year) bellinger yordan alonso story im down to ONE spot for - cole grisham hayes i don’t normally keep SP but Cole in 4th is sick value then again I have GREAT VALUE to keep Hayes/Grisham at 19th rd value and hold onto for a long time if I so choose
  7. What’s the point of reading someone’s thread and not giving input? 80 views and FOUR people post their thoughts? I take 2020 off from this board, and I come back to NBC run joke that’s a shell of its old self thanks to the 4/80 who showed a little f***ingg pride
  8. I love Lindor and think he flourishes in that lineup at citifield help me out https://edge-forums.nbcsports.com/topic/839815-bigbigbig-keeper-decisions-and-help-needed-whir/
  9. McKenzie or dirt cheap for mahle. Not too familiar with the auction play but I’ll go with McKenzie too Hep me
  10. I don’t. While I love gold and his pedigree he is getting up in age and if you factor in the rounds for keepers kept them you’re not looking at the same value at all plus what kind of offer is a 17th rounder? Jmho help me please Thanks
  11. Yeah man I’m going with the proven track record here and corey
  12. Thanks so much for your thought rush/hootie i haven’t been here since nbc took over. What a v. This place has gone to ****. No one helping out others or giving thoughts. Hell, if I “VIEW” a post I’m going to give my and input. What happened to WHIR? Posts are up down 3 days with 50 views and 2 replies is garbage what happened to this place?? Must have lost some of the vets when it became then s---y “edge” cockd in Rhode Island -drugs
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