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  1. I think thats a really good deal. I don't love Gray but Witt Jr can be big time.
  2. Assuming the 6 you'd keep now are Bo, Anderson, Kiura, Bauer, Snell, and Gallen? Merrifield wouldn't make the cut over those guys for me. No need to make the deal.
  3. I'd rather trade Trea than Bo. I would not be giving up either really in a trade to get a veteran SP. If you can't get Giolito plus more I'd be holding.
  4. Man thats a tough one, I'd probably drop Davis just because of positional value. Can you not promote Downs to your active roster and cut maybe a less valuable veteran?
  5. I think that def can definitely compete. Anyone who stays active and looks at ways to improve their team throughout the season should be able to compete. I would look at keeping Tork, Laureano, and either Lux or JD. JD if you want to win now, Lux if you'd rather trya dn win longterm. I am put off by the Dodgers not giving Lux a solid look. If he was the next big thing, he would be forcing their hand.
  6. Thats a lot of players and picks being swapped. Hard to get a solid feel for it. I think you will take a hit on your run production. I dont think Arozarena is the 2nd coming, I think he just caught fire in the public eye. If youre only goald is to increase SB, that will do that, but I think you are giving up an awful lot.
  7. I like deal 2 a lot. I think you can take that one and feel good knowing you have 2 very high upside guys. Miami gave up Gallen for Jazz, hes going to get a lot of chances. And Howard's still on track to be a #2.
  8. Looking for some depth at 3B now that it looks like Vlad is going to be 1B permanently. I have a deal in the works for either Edman or Riley. I like Riley more and so does the guy I'm trying to trade with so he's asking for more for Riley than Edman. When i look at dynasty rankings, Edman is almost always higher. I dont see the upside with Edman. He came out of nowhere in 2019, was bad last year, minor league numbers don't wow, and statcast numebrs are weak. Who do you all think is more valuable in 21 and going forward? WHIR
  9. I don't how you can trust Stanton any longer. I'd take Lux plus whatever else I could get and run with it. Stanton is a sinking ship.
  10. I'm trying to flip Charlie Blackmon now for some pitching. I got an offer of Tristan McKenzie. I'm checking on Ian Anderson. Got a lot of "No"s on other young arms like Urias, Glasnow, or Luzardo. Is McKenzie or Anderson enough for Blackmon?
  11. I don't think I would. I think Smith is legit and his Statcast numbers back that up.
  12. I would try and see if they would take Luciano for him instead of Adley. You already have Tatis and catcher is very valueable. That being said, if you think Whit can win you the championship, its pretty fair value.
  13. If you weren't going to keep Moncada anyway, I'd take it for cheap Paredes. Benintendi and Mercado are a wash to me in this one, neither worth really keeping but mercado you could keep for cheap and hope to hit something.
  14. I would take the 1st round pick. I'm an Arenado owner and this year he's shown some signs of slowing down IMO.
  15. I'd stick with Vlad. He's crushing the ball right now, he just needs to find some more loft. The sky is still the limit. Nolan has shown some signs this year of slowing down.
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