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  1. You could also, you know, never use them. You only need to use 17 teams for a whole season. And chances are you've picked a couple that have moved down by this time of year (GB/Hou). Why risk a pick picking one of the bottom 10 or so teams remaining?
  2. Current plan for ROS. Would love to hear thoughts. Used: Bills, Raiders, Packers, Seahawks, Eagles, Texans, Titans, Bengals, Saints. Unplanned Patriots. I see 12 and 15 being the weakest spots. But even then they aren't bad. If Zeke can play in 14 and I know before 12, I put the Pats vs Miami in 12. 10: Rams vs Houston 11: Chiefs @ Giants 12: Redskins vs Giants 13: Jaguars vs Colts 14: Cowboys @ Giants 15: Vikings vs Bengals 16: Panthers vs Bucs 17: Steelers vs Browns
  3. Every team remaining in my league has Detroit available. I'm going Rams as well. Hoping for the big upset in Detroit. I've looked over the remaining weeks and have some solid options even if I never use Detroit. If anyone is betting cash Rams(Texans)/Lions(Browns)/Pats(Broncos)/Steelers(Colts) is currently paying 5:6 on the money line as well. I put a bigger than average wager on this as well.
  4. Forgot about the Rams -11 @ Houston. That should be about as sure a thing as there is on the board.
  5. Down to 6 of 185. Happy I didn't have Seattle available or that would've likely been my last week. Early week 10 looks: Pittsburgh -10 @ Indy Seattle - 5.5 @ Arizona NE -7.5 @ Denver Detroit - 9.5 vs Cleveland Feeling like the masses are going to be on Detroit as the only game to pick them this season. Not sure if I want to fade or ride that one. Likely will decide after MNF today.
  6. I'm down the top 3 teams (Houston, Philly, Seattle) Leaning NO or LAR. Really feeling that the LAR line is far off. Likely betting that one separately.
  7. Riddle me this: In a regular 1 pick per week pool, why risk picking a bad team regardless of the spread? I'm talking about you Bengals... The team is 2-4 and hasn't shown much of anything this season. Changing up the offensive plays helped, but the last 4 weeks haven't been great since the change. 2 expected wins of Buffalo and Cleveland then a pummeling by Pittsburgh. What am I missing?
  8. I'm scrapping everything I've said this week here and on Reddit. Going with Titans. Just the better team. Cleveland is bad. And looks like they're going to be without their top 2 WR. Horrible running game. Best player on the teams is their rookie first round pick. And Mariota is a genius at avoiding the pass rush.
  9. If 2 games were similarly matched, would you rather play a team on the road or play a divisional opponent?
  10. Buf, GB, Hou, Oak, Phi, Sea all used. Leaning to NO this weekend. I tend to look at power rankings and try to pick a high team vs a low team. This one doesn't really qualify (NO is ranked around 12 and GB around 16). I just don't think that people are ranking GB properly. 3 picks. Lackluster running game. NO defense has been coming on strong recently as well.
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