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  1. I dropped Mike Trout in a keeper league his rookie season.... for Cam Maybin. I'll never forget or forgive myself
  2. Also if you are to believe the investigation, which i do, the Astros only cheated in 2017. The players were granted immunity so why would they admit to 2017 and lie about 2018 and 2019?
  3. I'm not drafting Bregman this year (at his price) because of the lack of SB. Has nothing to do with the cheating scandal for me personally. You'll have to end up playing catch up at 2B and OF for your SB.
  4. Scott White's rankings also tend to be for single season traditionally. Proximity is huge for his rankings
  5. Yeah he's probably closer to the 5-8 range. Still a starter
  6. Still top 5. He's the #1 receiver for the Ravens and will be going forward. Very out of character for him to have 3 drops, hes one of the most sure handed players on the Ravens. I'm blaming it on the rain and moving forward with confidence
  7. 100% Agree. Andrews dropped a TD along with 2 other balls that would have been first downs. Snead dropped a possible third and long coversion as well. His running ability is unlike I have ever seen. I've seen QBs that are fast before, but Lamar has so much more wiggle than any QB ive ever seen. He makes defenders look so dumb in tight spaces with a little shift of the hips or a feint left. For fantasy purposes, he's got an amazingly high floor because of those massive chunk plays he can rattle off. And for those worried about him getting injured, if you watch his runs, he
  8. Was clocked at 104 MPH on one of those doubles. Not striking out really, taking his walks. Awfully impressive for an 18 year old getting his first taste against AA pitching
  9. https://twitter.com/MiLBMariners/status/1178547952916168704?s=20
  10. Closer monkey is saying Rodriguez.... so I'm going to pick up Kela
  11. I doubt we ever see him play baseball again. At least not MLB
  12. He's fairly aggressive with lower level guys. Robinson has been a top 20 guy for him since like June/July 2018
  13. Dropped him in a 12 team league where you keep 6 where he was pretty much free. It's not worth it, especially because next year might be tough too coming off shoulder surgery
  14. I love Senzel, and still believe in the talent. But he racks up these minor injuries like a prime Greg Oden
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