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  1. Baldwin Sanders and Williams. Id do the same as you are thinking. Your TE is a tossup..pick one.
  2. Saints D has been good too. Hasn't Adams been killing it? Id start Davante.
  3. M Thomas and Hyde for Ingram and JJSS. You have Stafford..you dont need Brady at all brother.
  4. I go Crowell and Lewis...then of course Elliot. Drop your other kickers maybe?
  5. Man grab Olsen! If you have room then snag Johnson. Ive read in a couple places that he is optimistic about coming back in December. Dont drop a valuable flex though.
  6. PPR. Thanks! Need help soon. Someone gonna grab him.
  7. We need an owner wants to stick. Please no owners that will simply leave at the end of this season. I need a good owner that cares about our league. This team is paid for. You'd get in for free yet still would be eligible for full payouts. Last owner left because of the kneeling stuff but left his cash. $75 league, 10 Team Keeper in its 2nd year This team is a contender. Dream scenario for someone. GREAT league. Send me an email - madduxdogs@yahoo.com
  8. Thanks for the replies. Just wanted to make sure I wasnt undervaluing Murray. Plus Im in a bad spot with my RBs now. Ill either keep evans or go get trade for someone better.
  9. That deal makes sense for you but you can do better. Take Cohen like you said but trade for a better WR. Cook will get you someone else too if you wanted. Get the WR you want for that guy. If it's dez and sanders that you like then do it; I could be wrong about them.
  10. Yeah that's the way I was leaning. Demarco is someone that can be had right now. Maybe Ill offer less for him or go for another RB altogether.
  11. You are stacked at WR. Offer up one of those guys for an RB straight up. Ty Montgomery maybe. I personally like this trade for you; Id do it. Cooks is obviously going to have a big year and you need an RB. Pick up Brieda to cover your bases after you make the trade.
  12. I lost David Johnson and I also have Jordan Howard. I do already own Cohen and Chris Carson and Jamal Williams but I need an RB now. It leaves me thin at WR but Galloday can be had as can some others off our wire. Do you guys make this trade? I own Mike Evans. Is Demarco worth the risk?
  13. Brcok is close to home..lol. He wants in bad. Please give him a few more minutes
  14. my buddy WILL pay. Bathroom pipe burst. He's on his way home from home depot to pay you now. brockers
  15. 10 or 12 is good for me. Both have advantages/disadvantages. Dont matter to me.
  16. hes waiting to see interest from more people. I would think he will fill it.
  17. my email -madduxdogs@yahoo.com friends email- brockers03@gmail.com
  18. I sent you a private message here bgrant. I need your email, plus I added some extra info
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