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  1. tony romo should of been eliminated for being fooled
  2. yep, browns needed to stay aggressive with the amount of time was left and wasting timeouts
  3. poor mayfield, aside from the bad goalline fumble call by refs as excuse he is a loser.
  4. he had a chance to make a case for it on that last drive.
  5. 3 years maybe enough to make a case for elite or not, he is good qb but does not seem to have that extra gear where in the clutch he makes things happen. You either have this or you dont.
  6. looks like mayfield is not elite, he cannot beat mahomless chiefs with a golden opportunity
  7. if cle cant stop running, there is no need for mahomes
  8. that looked bad, he definitelly got concussion, nfl is going to have to be careful, if mahomes is rushed to play even though not right it could backfire bad.
  9. i am impressed by browns drive, they need more chubb and hunt running for sure, however when mahomes is pressed he becomes michael jordan with a tongue out.
  10. that fumble literally ended the game at half. Its bad for ratings, maybe they review more plays like that properly in future.
  11. he broken the rules, should of been flag, but its not reviewable even though we are reviewing it hmmmmmm, nfl just retired
  12. it was obvious helmet on helmet attack and yet its not reviewable even though they are reviewing it, nfl have themselves to blame for creating this bs
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