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  1. Gordon taking inventory of his boys after that hit
  2. That's exactly what the Packers are gonna do on Monday
  3. No he's not. It's just that he's on the Jets so compared to all his teammates it seems that way
  4. Darnold has zero awareness Of anything
  5. So this makes Tracy Wolfson the Thursday Night Reporter of sideline reporters eh?
  6. It's actually not. Or do you pronounce "Ryan" as only 1 syllable like a goddamn savage?
  7. Guess you'll be in for a rude awakening when you realize that "talent" isn't one of your scoring categories!
  8. You seem to not understand that it can still "count" while at the same time being a complete fluke
  9. Gaskin 39 points, #22 ranked ppr RB Mixon 27 points, #38 ranked ppr RB And then you have to factor in the opportunity cost of making such a terrible early round decision on selecting Mixon.
  10. And if you do need a RB1, you're gonna have to sell a lot more than just Evans
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