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  1. Probably less power but easily better defense. Agree that be has the look of a near future superstar
  2. Somehow this must be Brock's fault. C'mon Brock, fix this guy!
  3. Hitting leadoff in the NL is far from ideal
  4. Shocking. Guess the Padres will have to find someone else to shoulder the burden for the time being
  5. So did the Padres do anything? Or did they sit back and watch the 2 teams ahead of them get substantially better while doing basically nothing?
  6. There aren't any actual Indians fans so somebody has to do it
  7. Cubs? They couldn't sign him unless the White Sox were to release him and make him a FA.
  8. Ohhhh, so that's what that nonsense is about!
  9. Some gias can't even spell diper!
  10. I wouldn't wear a adult diper but maybe Ime just in denile
  11. I take it you've never seen a picture of his face and head
  12. Only if you don't mind "starters" who only go 3-4 innings at a time. Even if the Dodgers do give him a regular spot in their rotation (which seems unlikely), do you really think Hes going to be allowed to go over 80 pitches, or face any lineups more than twice?
  13. Somebody says this at the start of literally every call up thread
  14. You just used "triggered" on a fantasy baseball forum. Whats next, you going to call someone a snowflake? And as expected, you couldn't even come up with one single shred of evidence supporting your ridiculous claim about Arozarena needing a sports psychologist. The fact is, you know absolutely nothing about him personally and certainly nothing about his mental state
  15. All that's great, but it certainly doesn't mean the Ray's lost that trade, which is what collucho said. Just because it has looked really good so far for the Brewers, doesn't automatically mean that it hasn't benefited the Rays as well. The Rays clearly didn't/don't need Adames. The did feel they needed bullpen help.
  16. I agree that DH would be best for his health, but you really think LaRussa will do what's optimal? Either way, he has definitely suffered some injuries that were not related to playing defense. Just off the top of my head he injured his foot running the basing to end last season (3b I think), and hurt his ankle celebrating Gio's no hitter a month before that. In December 2018 he had a quad strain that ended his winter league season, but I can't remember if was running the bases or fielding. That same year he also a suffered a pectoral injury in April and a left hip abductor
  17. The only possible way he's not a must own in a 10 team league is if you're playing 4x4 without steals.
  18. There's a long ways to go before you can really say if anyone won or lost that trade
  19. Your take is what's pure garbage. What exactly do you know about his mental state?
  20. Eloy is immensely talented, but does anyone really think he can come back this month, and then make it through the rest of the season without getting hurt? I'm just not seeing it. Could be one the dirtiest feeling "sell highs" of the year
  21. Do you even have any idea what the discussion was about? No, of course you don't. If you had read what I quoted, which you clearly didn't, you would have seen that I was responding to a guy who blamed Tuckers cappy stretch on the covid vaccine. So what you're asking me, is for "where is my take on how covid vaccination affects players"? Well that's a pretty stupid question because anyone that has common sense will tell you that the vaccine is not going to cause long term hitting slumps and certainly wasn't responsible for anything going on with Ticker outside the 3 days
  22. Did you really just quote yourself? Again?
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