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  1. What's up with Yahoo giving minor leaguers with zero MLB service time the IL tag? For example Nick Lodolo is currently IL eligible and several other minor league players were/are. Not sure why this is happening but it's been a "problem" for at least a month now. Nice loophole to exploit if your league is prospect heavy
  2. If you take away all his bad innings he's the best pitcher in baseball!
  3. Just because mostly everyone disagreed with you does not mean it was a pile on. And you said nothing about pitching development at all. "Turning things around" is not development fwiw.
  4. He was missing location pretty badly in the 7th inning. I assume he was getting tired. Had multiple 2 strike pitches that were either right over the middle of the plate, or so wildly outside the zone that the batter had no swing decision to make at all. Overall a very solid line, but disappointing final inning + considering where he was after 5
  5. You're going to have to show some proof of this because I'm not buying it all. There are plenty of fantastic players on bad teams. I mean for the most obvious example look at Mike Trout's career in a pathetically inept Angels org. He's bounced back from literally every single slump he's ever been in. Im basing my decisions on data and expected results way way more than clubhouse culture or team chemistry
  6. This reasoning makes no sense. Professionals have plenty of financial motivation, regardless of the quality of team around them.
  7. Not going to argue with the individual rankings, but just want to point out that a straight list without any tiers is kind of useless. There's no way to assign comparative value to a player when we have no idea how much actual gap there is between any 2 pitchers on the list.
  8. You have no idea how they do it, but you know with absolute certainty that they don't watch any games? Pretty weird take
  9. People are starting Adames?? Lol
  10. This doesn't make much sense. You really think the agent wouldn't recommend going for more years? I mean, the agent himself would make way more guaranteed money that way. That had to be a 100% Bauer decision.
  11. Wait, is that how you think an automated strike would work? I hope you realize that what you see on tv isn't the same technology that would be used to call balls and strikes. MLB does some utterly stupid ****, but LOL at thinking they would call balls and strikes in a 2D plane that's a couple feet behind the actual strike zone.
  12. LOL which game were you watching? The at bat referenced in the post you quoted was a 100% completely obvious error. Nobody ever rules that a hit
  13. That's why he's on the wire in every league
  14. Olson, Schoop, and Vlad Jr would all like a word. Alvarez has been really good, but not even top 5 in the AL this month
  15. Tatis with yet another godawful decision and horrible throw to cost his team a run. This guy shouldn't be playing SS
  16. Didnt you have him rostered for 2+ months without starting him?
  17. This is nonsense. The vast majority of rookies, even "generational talents", don't immediately put up the kind of numbers Soto and Tatis did when they got called up. Not saying he won't be good, but it's silly to assume he will be one the league's best hitters right off the bat.
  18. Would love to see deGrom take to social media and claim his injuries are due to no longer using the sticky substance. Really back MLB into a corner
  19. Did you really just quote yourself, not once, but TWICE? And just to state the obvious? When literally every every single person who's read this thread assumed something like this would happen?
  20. There are a huge number of pitching prospects who were incredibly talented, had scouting grades comparable to or better than Gore, performed lights out at various minor league levels, and then never did anything noteworthy in the bigs. It's not at all uncommon. It would be more surprising if Gore turned into a front line MLB starter than if he never amounted to anything of value. You seem to think that elite talent automatically = MLB success.
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