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  1. Didnt you have him rostered for 2+ months without starting him?
  2. This is nonsense. The vast majority of rookies, even "generational talents", don't immediately put up the kind of numbers Soto and Tatis did when they got called up. Not saying he won't be good, but it's silly to assume he will be one the league's best hitters right off the bat.
  3. Would love to see deGrom take to social media and claim his injuries are due to no longer using the sticky substance. Really back MLB into a corner
  4. Did you really just quote yourself, not once, but TWICE? And just to state the obvious? When literally every every single person who's read this thread assumed something like this would happen?
  5. There are a huge number of pitching prospects who were incredibly talented, had scouting grades comparable to or better than Gore, performed lights out at various minor league levels, and then never did anything noteworthy in the bigs. It's not at all uncommon. It would be more surprising if Gore turned into a front line MLB starter than if he never amounted to anything of value. You seem to think that elite talent automatically = MLB success.
  6. Padres are really good at underperforming expectations
  7. Yaz with the dramatic 2 out, go ahead, in the water, grand slam to put the Giants ahead
  8. Not sure I'm buying this. If nearly all pitching is much better than it was 2-4 seasons ago, than any single pitcher is relatively just as good as before, when compared to league average. Relatively speaking, nothing has changed. Why would you need to spend more high draft picks to compete? You could just as easily say that the opposite is true.
  9. That's a pretty brutal rotation if you were relying on all those scrubs
  10. I guess you missed his next inning where he gave up 4 loud hits and 3 runs
  11. I mean, how do you know?
  12. Ya but what number was he for the first week of May???
  13. Why are you baselessly speculating about complete bs like this? Did you even see the at bat he was removed? He was clearly in discomfort and was rubbing/stretching his chest after the swing, and then again in the dugout. Gtfo with that "inside the circle, no source" nonsense
  14. ?? His actual line was solid and it should look even better. First there was a 2 strike catcher interference call that resulted in a bogus base runner. Then the "double" was clearly a misplayed ball by Chapman that directly resulted in a 2nd ER and his eventual removal from the game. The other hit that inning was a 27 mph chopper up the middle that got by Montas and squeaked through the drawn in infield. 6+ IP and 2 ER really should have been 7IP, 1 ER
  15. posty, fawkes guide is pretty decent, but this is probably the best one to get you up to speed https://www.allconnect.com/blog/internet-basics-for-seniors
  16. Who needs to activate Story when I can leave him on my IL and schoop up that Detroit MI
  17. I doubt it improves much. Since 2017 he has hit over .253 just once, and that was last year when he appeared in just 51 games. I think is just what he is - a guy who hits in the .240-.250 range, with decent power, walks a lot to keep his OBP solid, and misses time with injuries.
  18. It's Marco Gonzales. Dude has an ERA over 5. How did you expect him to look?
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