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  1. Nice catch Tyler O'Neill! Web gem! DuhnuhNuh duhnuhNUH
  2. McGee is trash. Actually the entire Giants bullpen is garbage
  3. The other side of that coin is, all it takes is one or two wrong steps and boom he's locked into the IL for another couple months
  4. Weird that every single ROS projection system disagrees with you, even though they heavily weight the most recent seasons (IE your 2019 and 2020 fixation) AND also regress everything towards league averages.
  5. We supposed to guess who you're talking about? Haha
  6. So you're expecting him to completely stop hitting and then get hurt or? The average wouldn't be crazy to see, but his OPS tanking that drastically to end up at .810, and only 18 HR in his final ~ 120 games both seem rather unlikely. Barring injury that would have to be something like a bottom 10% outcome for him
  7. Are you saying he could do that over the rest of the season, or you think can easily finish with that line for the entire year?
  8. As if September matters to the Mariners
  9. I kind of agree with this, but the Clev lineup only has 2 legit MLB hitters in it, and he served up bombs to both. You'd think the game plan would be to not let either of those 2 beat you. That's either a poor plan of attack or poor execution.
  10. It looks like hes still scheduled to start tomorrow, but that is a little weird. Maybe they've had it planned all week but it just became public knowledge this morning
  11. Lol at trusting Kluber... starting him is on you. What in the world made you think that was a good idea?
  12. The part I took issue with is that you said you "don't think anyone is .350 BA good." It's not that hard to imagine someone hitting .350 or better for a full season. Its not something outside the realm of possibility in the modern game like 100 SB or 30 Wins would be.
  13. You're really comparing fat out of shape nobodies to a professional athlete who is in peak physical condition and has access to some of the most advanced training facilities and medical professionals in the world? Sorry, not buying it
  14. Didn't he just make his 2021 debut like a day ago? Chill bro, this is an mks level overreaction
  15. I didn't, because I took one look at him and mistook him for Pablo Sandoval's long lost brother. Guess the jokes on me. Dude can flat out demolish the baseball like Pablo can demolish a buffet
  16. Sounds like combination of l terrible decision making by MLB and some selfish/delusional pricks in the SD org
  17. Covid vaccine is a thing. But even if it wasn't, this is MLB we're talking about. Sound decision making isn't exactly what this league is known for
  18. I mean you should've been sufficiently pissed off that he was traded to TB in the first place
  19. C'mon everyone, his is a just guy who really really loves having Memorial Day weekend off every year!
  20. *you're Also the only failure is drafting Snell in a QS start league. You should've checked his IP/game rate over the last couple years. He's one of the most inefficient "solid" starters in baseball
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