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  1. I mean you should've been sufficiently pissed off that he was traded to TB in the first place
  2. C'mon everyone, his is a just guy who really really loves having Memorial Day weekend off every year!
  3. *you're Also the only failure is drafting Snell in a QS start league. You should've checked his IP/game rate over the last couple years. He's one of the most inefficient "solid" starters in baseball
  4. This is comment is ridiculous, and 100% false. Please think before you write
  5. No, Coonrad is definitely a big bad
  6. What? He got the save the same day you posted this
  7. Reyes is closer to tier 1 than tier 3. You must really hate Clase. LOL at the corpse of Iglesias being ranked ahead of him, or even in that same tier. How does McGee not even get mentioned?
  8. Not sure which game you watched, but Ray didn't actually look that great. It took him 95 pitches just to get through 6 innings, and he still gave up 3ER. Not like it was some brilliant performance. Still inefficient and still gave up 2 homeruns. No thanks.
  9. So Luzardo has a broken finger and on the IL Probably welcome news for all his fantasy owners!
  10. Probably been mentioned before, but Camilo Doval in SF may be someone to keep an eye on and worth a watchlist add. Throws a 99 mph fastball and a filthy slider and has been used at the end of games. If anything happens to McGee it's possible he would get the most save opps rather than Rogers. His control has been suspect through his minor league career but his SwStr% has always been insane - his stuff is great. If he can get the walk rate to an even average level, he might really take off
  11. Ok now we're officially safe. For real this time!
  12. Just ignore the fact that it was dated 2018 and we can pretend everything is fine!
  13. 1) who in the world is Jace Fry? 2) LOL at rostering any Fry in baseball 3) That play is almost universally ruled a hit and an earned run. I mean who would you give an error to?
  14. Brillian? What? It was an idiotic play that doesn't even work in little league, and he was clearly out. Not sure how you can see that replay and say the out call was BS
  15. Wow, Urias and Bundy on the bench, Mahle/Rogers/Antone all in getting smacked around... everything going right! My opponent doing his best to hand me a victory just as the jaws of defeat were closing in on me!
  16. May may not make it out of May
  17. Selling at a player's lowest value is always a recipe for success! Tucker will be fine. Statcast isn't lying. Unless of course you don't believe in data and statistics. In that case Tucker is doomed and will probably be out of baseball within a week
  18. Had no idea he had wheels like that
  19. So you think every time one of your pitchers gives up a bunch of hits its just due to bad luck with babip? Nothing to do with bad location or poor pitch execution? Can't be the pitchers fault, right?
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