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  1. I did have empty NA slots at the time. Not sure why it required me to drop a player (I did have a bunch of FAAB bids in, maybe that screwed something up). Right now my NA slot are filled in every league or Id try it again and screen shot it. Ill have to wait until I have a slot open up later in the year. Thanks for the help, Ill report back when I find out anything.
  2. It has it for SP? (I know every platform has games started limits for position players)
  3. Something thats always pissed me off about roto... why is an inning cap the standard? Why get punished for throwing more innings? There should be a "SP games started" cap, not an innings max. You should get rewarded for starters who consistently go deep into games, not arbitrarily have you innings cap reduced. Just seems really stupid to me, and no platform that I know of offers a start cap (either weekly for H2H, or season long for roto)
  4. I dont know, are you guys forgetting that he posted a .275 OBP last year and was so bad that he got more at bats in the minors than the majors? If he leads off then he will obviously hold at least some fantasy value, but im not buying a drastic skill improvement.
  5. Are you sure you can add directly from FA to NA? It worked for the DL (I tried it with Capps and it worked as advertised). However, i tried to add a couple NA guys and it didnt work. it forced me to choose a player to drop every time. Also the Yahoo memo didn't say anything about NA, only DL. Which is stupid and pretty lazy of Yahoo imo becasue they treat the NA slots exactly like they do DL slots. In any case, no idea about trades. I assume the software still wont let you trade directly to the DL since they didnt mention it all, and since Yahoo is generally incompetent with i
  6. So the MLBPA is going to complain that a hitter with no defensive value should take the job of a utility player or pitcher? You realize that roster size is the same in the NL as it is in the AL right?
  7. Welcome to 2017, glad you could make it!
  8. I can def get behind starting him in 5OF leagues. In 3OF leagues I would be pretty nervous. Hitting 3rd should be give his value a nice boost. I hope he hits enough early on to stick in that spot.
  9. That might be true, but Correa's fantasy upside is way way higher than Lindor's. And I love Lindor.
  10. Just as a side note for all the custom leagues commissioners in here... this thread being a thing is the exact reason that going from SP and RP slots to all generic P slots is a great move.
  11. Are people really drafting him to be a starter on their fantasy team?? I took him in one keeper league but am definitely not counting on him to be in my lineup every day. If he figures things out, great, If he hits .210, ADIOS BYRON!
  12. God forbid he make a shrewd business decision to start his professional career. Did you even spend a split second thinking about what you wrote before you clicked submit?
  13. #1 overall player this year. sure sounds totally reasonable
  14. Doh, forgot to include the link. You can play around with categories, roster size, draft budget, etc. Its currently set up for standard Yahoo 5x5 with shallow 23 man rosters, $260 draft budget. http://www.fangraphs.com/auctiontool.aspx?type=2B&proj=steamer&pos=1,1,1,1,3,1,0,0,0,2,8,3,0,1,0&dollars=258&teams=12&mp=5&msp=5&mrp=5&mb=1&split=65&points=c|0,1,2,3,4|0,1,2,3,4&lg=MLB&rep=0&drp=30&pp=C,SS,2B,3B,OF,1B&players= (I set it up assuming two $1 bench players which is why there are only 21 roster spots accounted for, and a $
  15. Fangraphs auction calculator. Its the best free one there is imo You can sort the results by position to get a nice draft list. In 5x5 it projects him as around the 10th-12th best 2B or so, about $8 - worth about the same as Jose Ramirez or Pedroia. In the setups I posted a little ways back, hes projected as the 15th-19th best 2b or so. Auction values are a great way to fo rankings even for snake drafts.
  16. Ok, this is the EXACT problem with drafting Dee. Thats not the price he costs! Thats his projected value... which again, is my entire point! You have to pay far far more than hes worth because everyone is going bat**** crazy for steals this year. There are literally zero leagues where you can expect to pay only $2-3 for him. "you say he's near worthless in leagues particularly using H2H with OBP/SLG/OPS. " If you dont believe the projections then fine, I dont always agree with them either. But did you even look at those FGs auction calculator pics I posted??
  17. I would never take Jansen or Britton that early either, to be honest. Which is why I haven't drafted an elite closer in years (I do trade for them fairly often) Thats all more of a personal draft strategy though and doesn' have much to do with Gordon. But in any case, your comp is invalid because guys like Jansen, Chapman, Britton, Miller etc are utterly elite in the ratios, and in any league with an inning cap or weekly start limit they are also dominant in Ks. And they even contribute W's if you use that category. (Relievers record on average the same #of wins/losses as sta
  18. Its funny that you Dee supporters are all getting way away from my original argument against him, but I guess that's expected anytime someone throws cold water on a player in his own thread
  19. Who counts hits and average in the same league? If you dont, then what's the 6th category? Lol at counting triples, cmon man. R HR AVG SB RBI Triples?? You yourself wouldn't take tbat league seriously. Might as well set up the DeeGordon#1 League and use SB, Triples, Hit - Walk rate, PED suspension days missed, and mini hoop slam dunks
  20. Do you understand dollar values? He projects to be worth $2 or $3 with the settings I used above, which is about as close to worthless while still deserving a roster spot as you can get in a standard sized league. And why do you keep citing 2014 and 2015? I dont think anyone believes hes doing that again. "How many 6X6 leagues use total bases as a cat? " Low and Away, Apparently more than you think. Anyway, I gave 2 different examples of 6x6 leagues. And i specifically mentioned those categories as detrimental to his value. Fwiw total bases is exactly t
  21. Also LOL at citing that he was the "10 ranked player in 2015". First of all, cite your work because im not buying that he was even the 10th ranked player at all. 2nd of all, that season was an extreme outlier for him, and you dont get to use any of his 2015 stats on your 2017 fantasy fantasy team. But let me guess, you're projecting a repeat performance?
  22. Colepenhagen, Maybe you just dont get the overall point, which is that steals alone are not that valuable outside of 5x5 roto. If you dont believe me maybe some actual data will convince you, buy Im not holding my breath: Here is a pretty typical 6x6 league that uses R HR RBI SB OBP TB on offense, and each team starts one 2B. Dee is projected to be the 16th best 2B and only worth $2. So Gordon and his 45 projected steals are borderline unrosterable. Here is another 6x6 league that uses R HR SB RBI OBP SLG. This league also uses CI so 2B should be more valuable across the bo
  23. While its by no means surprising that you in particular wouldn't understand the reason, its a pretty well known fact that roto and H2H values do not always align, particularly with stolen bases - a stat that has very little correlation with any other fantasy stat. In roto, you bank every stat over the course of a season. Unless you have a massive lead in steals over the entire league, you are not "wasting" any of your steals. In H2H you only bank stats for 7 days at a time. Winning steals 10-2 some weeks is not going to help you any more than winning 3-2 or 4-2. And you dont get to
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