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  1. Low and Away plays in a league where you lose points for facing Weaver.
  2. Lol at the logic used around here. pitches 3 scoreless innings with 7 K's "ZOMG THIS GUY IS AMAZING HE CAN GO 2 OR 3 INNINGS EVERY OUTING!!!" gives up HR to Lindor "ZOMG HOW COULD THE MANAGER BE STUPID ENOUGH TO LET HIM PITCH 2 OR 3 INNINGS HE WAS CLEARLY GASSED!"
  3. Id say it was a perfectly reasonable strategy. Cmon, youre going to base your complaint on a sample size of 1 at bat? Anyone in their right mind would rather face a rookie taking his 15th career major league at bat over Buster Posey, recent batting champion and owner of a career .308/.374/.4745 slash line. Not to mention the DP implications. Watching the game, Urias did not look sharp at all, at least for the last 2+ innings. He was routinely missing by several feet. Against RHBs his slider (curve?) kept 3 hopping the catcher when he tried to bury it down and in, and his change kept sailing neck high and 4 feet outside. Looked like he totally lost all control as he tired.
  4. exactly what i was going to say
  5. and I thought the beast had been Thamed
  6. I dont believe I have. It appears his head is fused directly onto his shoulders.
  7. You're either high, or trolling to think you wouldnt "be getting equal value". Either way, its fairly likely that the Bumgarner owner laughs at that offer.
  8. I dont want to burst anyones bubble, but something has really been rubbing Hill the wrong way lately.
  9. Almost every pitcher who has been around as long as Santana has put up a 3 month stretch where their results are way better than anything else they've done prior. What specifically is he doing better that makes people think hes actually improved this drastically?
  10. Brilliant thinking letting Donaldson play on a bum leg so soon again. I mean, did they learn nothing the first time? Or the second time?
  11. I dont think leading the league in K's is just a "blip" for a guy who was hyped partially because of his solid plate discipline. Im worried.
  12. 15K to 1BB? Ouch. That's not something you can just brush off as a bad week and a half, like you can with the lack of steals and hits. It's a Buxtonian level of suck.
  13. Eh I dont think theyre underrated at all. Myers is solid, but the other 2 are probably going to be low OBP hitters that will have long stretches where they struggle (like most young hitters). Sure, one or two of the young guys could surprise people, but thats not going to carry the lineup. Most likely outcome is that most of them suck and that this team is going to be down in the bottom third of MLB in runs scores. Wouldnt surprise me at all if they are bottom 5.
  14. Agree that he's very likely more valuable for fantasy owners as a RP. In the rotation hes probably not going more than 6 innings at a time even after hes stretched out, and he wont be as effective as a starter - slower average fastball velocity and facing the opposing lineup more times aren't things you should want to see.
  15. My bad guys, forgot he was special
  16. This makes you sound a bit ignorant. The age of the debut is not that important in and of itself, but how many of those guys that you keep referring to were as successful as Mazara was at 20 in MLB? Go ahead, get your list together.
  17. This is what happens when you swim in Shark infested waters...
  18. When you're the manager then I suppose you can make your lineup based on what players did in the minors. Until then, lets focus on reality. Reality: Deshield's has generally sucked as a major leaguer, coach doesn't think he's good enough to play regularly, he rides the bench and is removed from the game early when he does manage to get a start.
  19. It means nothing because a player can have an all-world spring training performance and still ride the bench every day when the regular season begins. Spring performance having almost zero correlation to regular season performance is different kind of means nothing, but also applies here.
  20. As has already been proven, ST means literally nothing. If hes not starting at least 5 times a week then holding for a month seems a bit foolish
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