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  1. Sure hope that's not all one team!
  2. They're both more likely to not even be pitching in September than to be "league winners". I mean how many league winners can you name that only go 4-5 innings at a time?
  3. Who's overrating him? Everyone here has been saying he sucks for awhile now
  4. You think he's #1 overall right now in most leagues, or by the end of the season. Because right now Guerrero and Tatis are #1/#2 in every single 6x6 league I play in (and they all have slightly different category variations among the AVG/OBP/TB/SLG/OPS stats)
  5. The guy said "obviously" Tatis is the greatest asset due to power and speed asvantages over both the other two... the fact that I, or anyone, could immediately pull something up with 3 seconds of searching to dispute that "fact", shows that it's not actually obvious. Even setting injury history aside, there is just no way that Tatis would be anywhere close to the unanimous #1 pick (or top dynasty asset) ahead of Acuna/Guerrero
  6. Ok, but isn't "game power" or "useable power" what these guys get paid for? If weakly hit balls are dragging down your average exit velo that significantly, then that kinda matters, doesn't it? In any case, the guy who asserted that "data matters" and that Tatis was the unquestioned leader of the pack, clearly didn't look into any of the data
  7. He's not paid for games hes suspended so ya, doubtful that they just cut him immediately. They're going to let MLB investigate
  8. You're right, it is! Which is ironic for you to say considering you didn't bother to check the data on "power". How about avg exit velocity? Theres Vladdy and Acuna, up near the top at #5 and #6 overall. Weird that I can't even seem to find Tatis in that shot!
  9. Nothing new for the Dodgers. Didn't they also try to cover up a beating plus a sexual assault on a drunk 17 year girl in 2015, which was videotaped by one of their minor league players, and that occurred in the player's hotel room? Ironically (or not?) the current Giants manager, Gabe Kapler was working as the Dodger's head of player dev at the time, and was the person who "mediated" the situation. EDIT source: https://www.si.com/mlb/2019/02/05/nick-francona-gabe-kapler-controversy-los-angeles-dodgers-assault-allegations
  10. Last weekend of May and Giants and Dodgers have exactly the same record. Who saw that coming? 3 best records in the NL, and 3 of the top 5 in MLB, all in the same division.
  11. So he has warning track power?
  12. Not with Buxton. They seem to be the most predictable thing ever with him actually
  13. Rays traded away Adames, opening up SS and finally gave the long awaited call to all world prospect... ...Taylor Walls?
  14. If anyone thought Tyler Anderson was actually good, you're wrong. He sucks
  15. It was a pitcher getting deMahleshed
  16. Well I guess I should've read the whole thread first. Apparently the Buxton comp has already been discussed
  17. Their tool sets are significantly different, but this guy reminds me of Buxton's situation when he was coming up. Elite tools, but the actual minor league numbers never really matched the hype. I hope Adell's transition to MLB doesn't take years like it did for Buxton, but that same path would not surprise me at all. I kind of think Marsh is a better MLB player in the short term, and maybe even in the medium to long term.
  18. Not sure how you missed his point there. Also not sure how you missed that bright red squiggly line that's leaping off the page at you
  19. I mean that's not even a good effort
  20. Hope this guy heads straight to the IL so my ratios can have a nice long recovery
  21. More likely he's up for a Cup of Joe
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