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  1. Guys Buzz is great. I was skeptical last year about the big buy in with no LS but he's a pro. Even called me during the auction to see if I was doing alright. Consider joining.
  2. Just posted the LS info today, so 11 other than myself. About half of the league is in my roto league so I'm not overly stressed about them paying. In the even that we don't fill, I'll refund of course but since this is year 3, I'm feeling pretty optimistic.
  3. It's a slow auction not a slow snake. There's 36 players on the clock at all times. Basically each of the 12 teams have 3 noms. Each time there is a new high bidder, the 12 hour clock resets. The first 2 years we've done this it took 7 days total. If no one outbid the initial amount, the clock never resets and the nominating team gets that player.
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