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  1. It depends on your options, but yeah, I could see them getting a few picks
  2. Jets 100%. At least in my league whichever Defense is playing Den gets a ton of points
  3. Yeah, Perine and Winston. I feel pretty confident Winston will have a high floor game http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/687623-5-ppr-mike-evans-perine-or-gio-bernard-whir/
  4. Chargers if Peterman is playing. I think they'll get a bunch of sacks and have a high floor. Wash line is banged up http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/687623-5-ppr-mike-evans-perine-or-gio-bernard-whir/
  5. Yeah, I agree with the above. Evans has been underwhelming lately but I think he has a higher floor and ceiling.
  6. McKinnon definitely. Kamara did pretty well vs Car. Obv Kamara is better my point is that a pass catching RB should do well http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/687623-5-ppr-mike-evans-perine-or-gio-bernard-whir/
  7. I'd probably start Drake over Lewis, but it's close. Drake has really impressed lately though, so leaning towards him http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/687623-5-ppr-mike-evans-perine-or-gio-bernard-whir/
  8. Pack. good floor because Kizer is a turnover machine http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/687623-5-ppr-mike-evans-perine-or-gio-bernard-whir/
  9. I'd probably lean towards Olsen but if you want a floor play I actually think Burton is a good pickup (Olsen's floor is zero because he could get reinjured).
  10. I think I'd start any of Crabtree, Gordon, or Perine instead of Burkhead. Crabtree will be getting a ton of targets vs a soft D, so he's probably my first choice. If you need a homerun, Gordon. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/687623-5-ppr-mike-evans-perine-or-gio-bernard-whir/
  11. I also hate Evans (and am considering benching him) but think you have to start him http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/687623-5-ppr-mike-evans-perine-or-gio-bernard-whir/
  12. I'd definitely start him over Collins and Burkhead. Morris will do well, I think, but I'm imagining you start two RBs so def stick with Leonard
  13. I'd grab Brate (just to be extra careful in case Ertz has a really really bad concussion) and Bills
  14. I agree Forte is safest. Barber if Doug were out, but it's too murky to trust with him playing
  15. Chargers by a mile, unless Tyrod plays then I think it's a bit closer http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/687623-5-ppr-mike-evans-perine-or-gio-bernard-whir/
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