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  1. He's quick, that's why he was the punt returner alot of the year. I'm going to stop because as a WFT fan I don't want to trash Cam Sims but we clearly have different opinions of his upside.
  2. Yes, he's a body you can throw out there as your 3rd WR. Those guys are a dime a dozen in the NFL, there shouldn't be a need to defend him because his name shouldn't even come up in a conversation of promising WFT receivers, which was the main point that got me started here. And Sims actually did play alot last year, at least the 2nd half of the year. From week 10-17(8 games) he had about as many snaps as McLaurin per game. At least we're in agreement a WR upgrade was badly needed and they got it.
  3. That's fine, but 'useful enough to make a play now and then' isn't what I consider promising. I watched alot of WFT games. Neither Sims WR impressed me much and getting another weapon there was a huge need which I'm glad they addressed.
  4. With this many women coming forward the guy is almost certainly a creep on some level
  5. ?? I love the Samuels signing because they had practically no WRs behind McLaurin to throw to last year.
  6. Steal in 2020, could easily be overdrafted in 2021 and go back to value in 2022. The dude is mega talented but is dependent on the people around him for his value to peak. I really hated the way the last month or two played out. Teams definitely seemed like they decided they weren't going to let Metcalf go off on them and it seemed to work out ok. Could be the approach for defenses going forward until Wilson and the rest make them pay for it.
  7. I also don’t understand divisions in fantasy football leagues
  8. LMAO you are dense. I was agreeing with you and laughing at the idea posed by others that non-playoff teams would just sit players week 17 to rest them
  9. 79 carries for 108 yards and 4 TDs across 14 games. Basically all of it came in one game against Maryland(15-59-3). Outside of that he did absolutely nothing in terms of rushing. I'd say the guy really doesn't offer much in terms of stressing a defense with his mobility. Again, the Newton comparison is absolutely nuts
  10. Yeah, why would non-playoff teams rest players in week 17 😆 😆 😆
  11. Oh, confusing because your proclamation he's pretty mobile and then comparing him to Newton led me to believe you've been watching him
  12. Have you watched him play much? His mobility is not a problem for defenses at all. Average at best. Comparing him to Newton is crazy
  13. "Haskins does well when he doesn't need to put touch on the ball. He excels with power throws/linear throws. Deep out, deep slants and crossers, seam routes." I'm not sure if this was really true. As a WFT fan I saw plenty of Haskins and he hasn't been able to make NFL throws consistently, including the kind you mentioned. He made his hay in one season at Ohio State where he was throwing to guys running free. I'd have to go back and break down OSU tape to know for sure if he displayed any ability to hit tight windows or make difficult throws but many college QBs looked great in prolific c
  14. So it’s a hybrid H2H/roto league, where regular season is H2H and playoffs are roto. Not bad I’ve also like the setup where you play 2 games a week in the regular season, one against your opponent and one against the league average. So even those weeks where you score a lot and lose because you play another high scoring team, it’s not all for naught. Unfortunately my yahoo league doesn’t do that nor am I sure yahoo is even capable.
  15. What leagues could somehow prevent luck from being a huge factor, except roto leagues(which never seem popular here). It is what it is. Generally the better constructed teams will make the playoffs(although some teams get screwed there too) but in the playoffs where it's one and done with the huge weekly variance there is in regards to players performances it's almost all luck.
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