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  1. For some reason Godwin does really well in his last game of the regular season, through 4 years he has gone for: 5-123-2 5-121 (in one half) 6-114-2 7-111-1 Definitely going to be in my week 17 DFS lineup next year.
  2. Reich rides the hot hand when it’s Hines or Wilkins but when JT literally walks you down the field you pull him for a back who has no yards rushing today. This makes no sense to me
  3. I need to pick 2 in a standard league, 2 points for 50 yards and 6 for TDs. I currently have them ranked: 1: Edmonds (assuming drake is out) 2: Taylor 3: Davis (assuming Cmac is out this week) I would hate to bench Taylor and then have one of drake/CMac play this week and make their backup useless which would leave me down a RB. So who should I start here?
  4. typically the progression is QBs run more when they first enter the league and then once they become more comfortable they pass more. It’s just weird that it’s going opposite in ARI, not that I’m complaining though.
  5. The only thing I’m left wondering is if he breaks Cam’s record for most rushing TDs in a year. Each week I keep thinking the rushing TDs are going to stop but each week he keeps scoring them, 14 is well within reach. I’m just curious as to what changed in the off season that is making him run more.
  6. Trading quarters for dollars take AJ/Zeke and run. Hasty, Harris and Bell are all more than likely RB 2s on their own team once everything settles out and I would rather have AJ than Jefferson.
  7. I would have Dobbins as the top priority in a keeper league. Drop Scott for him and then if you’d like drop Tannehilp for Mosters
  8. Currently 3-4 and should win tonight unless TB’s defense has a huge night so realistically 4-4 but with how my luck is going this year I could be 3-5 (I am the 2nd highest scoring team and currently 1 back from the playoffs FWIW). The league is non-PPR 2 points per 50 yards and 6 for TD. I have 2 questions 1. Would you consider trading away OBJ and a guaranteed 2021 top 3 pick (currently 1st overall but without a doubt will be in the top 3) for Hopkins. My other WRs are Godwin, Julio and Woods and we start 3 WR’s. 2. Is this enough for Hopkins? I have Murray as my QB so that would be
  9. Thing 1: yea he always slides, he never tries to pick up an extra yard. There has been multiple times this year where he could have gotten the first and taken a hit but he slid short on 3rd down because him/the cardinals realize his health is more important that a 3rd down conversion Thing 2: yea his numbers are better than LJax 2019 which is remarkable, but that won’t guarantee him the MVP. It’s coming out of the NFC West the only question is which QB gets it.
  10. My favorite thing is coming into the year the 2 negatives against him were he’s not good in the passing game and he fumbles too much. He’s first in YPR for RBs while catching 16/17 targets and he’s yet to put the ball on the ground. It’s amazing that his biggest issue so far this year is that his offensive line is just not playing good. Should be a pretty solid RB1 ROS
  11. Is edmonds the prototypical RB, no he’s not. But good thing he’s not in your typical NFL offense. This offense is designed to get people open and in space and Edmonds seems like a player you don’t want to have to tackle in space. He will be much better in PPR, if I had to put a number on it I would say close to 50% of his value will come from the passing game. Murray, somehow, is this teams best goal line back and I don’t think this changes with Drake being injured (maybe for the year, maybe for a few weeks we will know soon). TLDR; Edmonds will get a bunch of yard and catches while
  12. I would bench Robinson but none of those are bad options
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