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  1. Last poster summed it up well. Woods if going for upside and Doyle if want the safe play. So many mouths to feed is possible that Woods could get scripted out but I think unlikely as could be a shootout where he could be looking at big production. Doyle should be good for at least 5 for 50 and possible TD but could be capable of much bigger day depending on game flow.
  2. 10-TEAM 0.5 PPR - Gerald Everett looking unlikely so Higbee shld be thrust into major receiving role again going against the SEAHAWKS who are the 2nd best matchup for TEs and previously allowed Everett to go off for 7 rec / 136 yds. This SEA def also allowed Rudolph to have decent performance last week. As for Rudolph, looking unlikely Thielen plays this week so he shld be heavily involved and has scored in 5 of the last 6 games. Rudolph faced this same DET def back in wk7 and went for 5 rec / 58 yds and his first TD of the season. Both with solid floor and reasonable upside matchups. Alth
  3. Picked up Darrell and dropped Shady. If had bench space would also grab Darwin. Who knows how this will turn out but really hoping won't regret dropping McCoy in deep 12-team league where we start 2 FLEX
  4. Haven't watched much game tape but have heard repeatedly that McCoy just doesn't have it anymore. And from what I've seen of Darrell he looks like a bruiser and gets downhill fairly fast. Would think he's primed for more work but after just 5 carries the past 2 wks I find it hard to trust what Andy Reid's offense is going to do. However hard to ignore the likely opportunity that is going to be there with Shady inactive.
  5. Does this put Darrell Williams back on the radar?
  6. I'm in 10 leagues, have JG in just 1 but prob gonna have to drop him due to bye week issues. He's available in a few others but don't really have the roster flexibility to add. Might take the gamble where I can if still available. But similarly, owning him in fantasy the past few years has been like a roller coaster. You get high thinking he's going to put up record breaking stats in your lineup and then you get low dealing with all the disappointment. Good luck
  7. I'd say prob need more like 55% win rate to be successful in Vegas. Gotta pay the VIG baby! Lol I'm butthurt over the Coleman dud outing but should have known better. Hard to get consistent performance out of players due to so many variables in weekly game-planning and in-game play. And with all 4 RBs playing last night and Cards having a horrible pass DEF I guess it made sense for the 49ers to work on their passing game. Ofc my dumbass I thought they'd get out to a lead and then play ball control rest of game so decided against picking up Garoppolo in the few leagues where have bye w
  8. I had Kyler Murray going in a few DFS and season long last week and despite seeing the forecast was for bad weather at the Meadowlands I said F it, he'll beat them on the ground and get his. Then said a good pivot play would be let's go with under-used David Johnson at RB. Well we all saw how that worked out. 😱😢 😤 Oof. But yeh so that experience would give me caution starting John Brown today. Conditions not in his favor. Could catch a handful of short passes and maybe convert 1-2 into big gain/TD but 25+ MPH winds and rain could limit them to <25 pass attempts and decrease odds for a pos
  9. Ofc Greg the Leg has to get practically shutout ystrday (1pt) after many mentions of being the only reliable option week to week. AHHAHAHAAaa (i'm laughing on the outside but crying on the inside)
  10. He'll likely have a 10 rec. 200+ yds and 1-2 TD performance while sitting on most of our benches. Remember, just because the cheap mf'ers in your league won't give you anything in return for him does not mean those same mf'ers won't be afraid to spend a waiver claim on him. A player with Gordon's talent with TB12 at the helm could go off at any time. If the opportunity increases for whatever reason you're going to want to be in position to be able to reap the profits. I had him in my starting lineup in both leagues I have him in this week and looks like I'll be going 1-1 with outside chanc
  11. I thought the same last week with Adams out and we saw what happened. Maybe he comes thru this week though.
  12. Yeh I mean not only is it fun to gamble in this manner but how much fun is it to successfully block someone from using this strategy 👍
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