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  1. https://twitter.com/Dbacks/status/1383205448648589312?s=20
  2. Picked up this guy [...] Batting towards the top of the order and plays most days.
  3. Just pulled from the game with right groin tightness...
  4. Holland in for the 8th in a tie game.
  5. Soria is injured. Ginkel coming in.
  6. He has started the season on fire! Will he steal enough? Will he leadoff and stay in the lineup vs leftys?
  7. Mets will go: Thurs- deGrom Sat- Stroman Sun- Peterson Mon- Walker Tues- deGrom Wed- Lucchesi
  8. Anyone know what is going on with Detroit? Saves will be sparce but will it be Soto or Garcia?
  9. Any news on when he may pitch again? Last I saw was he threw on Saturday. Will he make it back in time for the season or is an IL trip imminent?
  10. Standard scoring who should I roll with? Hunt @ Jets - no WRs, more touches? Bell vs Falcons - Will KC use him enough Davis @ Redskins - Redskins D is tough Thanks
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