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  1. With all the claimed spontaneous ajackilation should be able to come up with some DNA somewhere.
  2. Just have to add that, if read and understood what I wrote, in that particular case, there's no victim shaming if there is no victim. Ever hear the sayings "fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me" and "play stupid games, win stupid prizes"? Both apply here.
  3. Brady has worked on his throwing mechanics and fundamentals his entire pro career. I think the more important take away is he's working to get better as a player. Constantly. Not going to strip clubs or getting into bar fights or getting rub and tugs.
  4. Not sure what your point is since I stopped reading after the first couple sentences (and probably no original thinking afterwards) , but all I can say is nuanced thinking isn't for everyone. Carry on.
  5. This story will not have a happy ending.
  6. Not a good way to start off the year. https://steelerswire.usatoday.com/2021/03/24/steelers-chase-claypool-bar-fight-nfl/amp/
  7. More information keeps coming out from Buzbee. Now it's a non-disclosure agreement he tries to get the women to sign, allegedly. Although none of the so called evidence has been verified Watson is looking creepier by the day. All the women coming forward apparently will be able to verify/document they were contacted by Watson for a massage, some of them weren't even masseuses. Not sure if he had a chance to make this whole thing go away earlier in the process, but his public image has been permanently damaged..
  8. I was just commenting to a friend today that Watson is essentially saying that he was getting a tug, but it was consensual, in that specific case. In and of itself kind of a victimless crime, in most cases I would guess. I think he was likely mostly being a bad John,. When then didn't give him what he expected, he shorted their payment. But also I'm starting to believe Watson probably did get to aggressive soliciting some, if not all the women. Will be interesting to see how it plays out.
  9. I'm not into victim shaming or misogyny and if Watson is proven guilty of a crime, in a criminal matter, then lock him up. But I read this story, this version of it, and it just sounds like 50% BS. I have paid for my share of regular massages and have never paid anywhere close to $300 or had a "business manager" drop off the masseuse. And the fact that anyone would advertise a $300 massage would make me 🤔. And then the part where she agrees to meet again, supposedly doesn't question a "second" NFL player requesting her services. Even after she recognizes him, after all she went through (butt m
  10. You weren't comfortable with glute/groin areas either?
  11. It will be interest how everything plays out this season with Claypool showing some diva tendencies, although he does seem to be a good teammate. $8MM per says JJ will be one of the primary targets for Ben, at least 2nd in targets share, even though he is the 3rd best receiver on the team. From a team perspective Ju Ju staying is huge because he's a good #2 and has a well rounded game, does the dirty work, etc. But Claypool's talent and elite upside is undeniable. He looks like Brandon Marshall 2.0. If he ends up being 3rd in targets this year and the Steelers struggle at all it could create a
  12. Aw right govnah'. Ere it is then. If yew think theresany truth to that roomah then ahm the bloody Queen.
  13. Was listening to the Pat McAfee podcast the other day and there was a leak from an unnamed source (of course) that in the offensive meeting where Russ found out that they were tweaking the game plan (Week 11?) and going back to #establishtherun the discussion got heated and Russ basically stormed out of the meeting. Apparently he lost his mojo after that and his play really dropped off. At least that was the way it was presented. Makes sense though given his interactions with the press and media in the off-season.
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