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  1. He's got everything in place and no excuses. I think he'll shine. If he stays healthy he's got a shot at comeback player of the year.
  2. I think Pittman has aspects to his game that are similar to Jeffrey's so there's definitely optimism that Wentz and Pittman can develop chemistry and form a productive connection.
  3. I was very happy to get Claypool in a couple of my dynasty leagues. And I was very pleased in the early season and preseason when he was saying all the right things and was seemingly humble. Then with the growing success also came a growing ego. I know a lot of it is unavoidable and part of the dynamic of being a rising star in the league, but just the same, it is troubling to see it. Too many distractions and groupies. I hope the kid can stay out of trouble and keep working to achieve greatness. Unrelated, replacing Roethlisberger is going to be an issue as well. They have no heir appare
  4. That's a great take and I'd have to agree with a lot of it. But I think it was widely known he was a project as far as honing his craft. However I don't think anybody was aware of the immaturity issues that apparently intensified once Haskins got paid. As it turned out getting drafted in the first round was the worst thing for him. Watching the pre-draft scouting pieces on him, he was very impressive, especially in the film room, listening to him sit there with Mariucci and Gruden dissecting plays and defenses like a coach. Just listening to him talk now he just comes off like a ver
  5. I empathize with the kid, God knows I made some poor decisions when I was younger. But at the end of the day Terry McLaurin got it right. It's a privilege to play football in the NFL. Nothing is given to you and you have to earn everything. So far Haskins hasn't put in the work and needs a major attitude adjustment if he's going to turn things around. He's got tremendous arm Talent I think Rivera even said as much but Haskins needs to grow up.
  6. [...] nothing I said was false at the time. He was a good leader in college by all accounts. But hey, wouldn't be the first time money and fame side-tracked a young athlete.
  7. Played really well. Love the dually upside. Makes the other offensive players better. Didn't take a sack. Lucky to own a couple shares in dynasty. 3 more games for an audition with the Saints being the toughest defense. Arrow pointing up!
  8. Thoughts on Ty as a dynasty stash? Haven't seen him play very much. Looks the part.
  9. Just so hard to tell from the limited sample size. I scooped him up in a couple of dynasty leagues and stashed him on the TS. All the analyst I watch say the exact same thing about him. Work in progress. A lot of talent, but a lot of question marks like his accuracy and decision making. But they also say he's a hard worker and very coachable, which he has demonstrated in college. He reminds me a little of Dak when he came out. Worth a hold obviously, especially if Pederson let's him run with the job ROS.
  10. It's a pipe dream, but would love to see Minshew in an offense that suits him and a franchise that cares about winning. The 49ers, Raiders or Carolina come to mind. 9ers are the only real possibility in that group, but not sure if the SF Bay area is ready for the Stache to replace Jimmy Giggalo.
  11. Who doesn't? I just meant too bad he got caught. If only he had played in the 1980s.
  12. I agree. Flores is a Belichick disciple. What would BB do in this situation? It's the only question we need to ask. Two talented but smallish RBs will end up in a committee in all likelihood. I do like Ahmed's talent more than Gaskin's. Patience, vision, burst. He also has the ability to avoid the hard collisions so he could be an outlier for a small RB. So if I had to bet on one of them it would be Ahmed but the situation is not favorable for one workhorse back to emerge.
  13. Pretty interesting league. I would still try to trade away Elliott for max value, a dominant WR, but very tough now that the Cowboys have so much uncertainty. I have Elliott in one dynasty league and I will likely have to keep him till the end or try to get less than fair market. He may bounce back a little this year, but more than one analyst, including Troy Aikman thinks he has peaked. Better a year or two early than a year late.
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