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  1. I love tatis and think he will be a stud in the next year or two. However, at this precise moment, i dont think thats nearly enough to get Acuña.
  2. If assuming players are healthy, I like a fully healthy team B better. Huge IF.
  3. I like this trade for you, especially with Suarez able to get healthy.
  4. Hopefully you didnt do it. Neither of those two trades were good trades for you.
  5. Freeman JD/Rendon (depending on 1st pick) Devers Flaherty JV (too much risk right now for a 2nd rd. If healthy I probably would have it 2-3 in that list.
  6. Assuming those top 4, I would go Mookie without a doubt.
  7. As much as I would hate to trade Yelich away, i think you have to do this trade. I think even you offense improves with this trade, definitely a significant overall team depth improvement.
  8. Yes, for me yes. It was a pain owning him last year through his ridiculous struggle, then getting hurt when he was finally doing better. Based on last year, I see him as risky in both performance and injury potential. I feel like the overall risk of the rest of the guys is significantly lower. I know, I need to learn to not hold grudges. Lol
  9. Soto Trea Turner JD Martinez Baez Strasburg JRam
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