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  1. I would go Sixto as well. Dont trust MadBum and Sixto was just too good last year. Help with mine?
  2. I wouldnt drop any of those guys for slater. I think you have a good OF bench with huge potential, especially Frazier and Verdugo. Haniger has the potential to be a steal based on his adp. Help with mine?
  3. Thats what Im thinking. Obviously concerned with Yelich's 2020 season but main concern is the lack of depth in the BrewCrew lineup and lack of protection for Yelich.
  4. Thinking Morton. Not close for me. Even if he has just an ok season, he is still a better pitcher than Gausman and in a much better team. He has looked good in ST as well, especially his velocity.
  5. Love Scherzer, but too risky when you can get someone like Nola. Help pls.
  6. You did well for sure. Very good and balance offense. Pitching is decent. Do you have 2 DL spots for Eloy and Sale? Hard to ride with a player taking a roster spot when its unclear if and when they will be back. Especially for Sale that when he is healthy Boston will probably be out of contention and with zero reason to risk him. I would actually pick a high ceiling SP prospect or former prospects. Pearson, Skubal, Manning, Mize, Cease, etc. Thinking those kids could be a difference maker. Help with mine?
  7. Going wild here. lol. I would go Vlad and Glasnow. Thinking Glasnow is ready to become one of the best SPs in baseball. Giolito is probably a better keeper at that value, but I would still go with Glasnow. Help with mine.
  8. I like the story side, plus buying very low on Bryant. Helps with mine?
  9. Yahoo Dynasty H2H league. You keep 5 and lose that Round in the draft. I have pick 3 , but picks 1 and 2 had a 1st rounder keeper. So I'm pick one. My keepers are Degrom (R2), Cole (R5), Bieber (R9), Mondesi (R19) and Bregman (R20). The available players that Im considering are: Yelich, Lindor, Harper and Arenado. Is Yelich the absolute no brainer here? I love Lindor, favorite player right now, but thinking it doesn't make sense to get him here with Mondesi at SS and bregman with SS eleg. I also like Harper this year but hard to pick Harper over Yelich, even after Yelich's disastrou
  10. I like the Cole side. I think you can get more for him. Maybe Arenado plus a good SP or a more established/steady closer if you need the SVs.
  11. Hey, to each their own. I try to balance current value with hype and projections of prospects. IMO Fried is the best value right now by a significant margin and its also young and projects as a top of the rotation SP for a top team for years and years to com. I do understand Kelenic is suppsoed to be a super STUD, so its all about how you approach it. I want to win each and every year, especially this one. Thats why I wouldnt do that trade.
  12. NO!! I would need another solid player on top of Bo or a bigger prospect.
  13. Agreed, but in this case I don't believe that would change the answer. I think that would a overpaying big time for Kelenic. I like prospects and projections, but you would be trading a young arm that's just coming off a very impressive season in his first year and plays for one of the best teams in MLB. I wouldnt even make that trade 1:1. I would ask for Kelenic an another solid player if he wants Fried.
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