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  1. You did well for sure. Very good and balance offense. Pitching is decent. Do you have 2 DL spots for Eloy and Sale? Hard to ride with a player taking a roster spot when its unclear if and when they will be back. Especially for Sale that when he is healthy Boston will probably be out of contention and with zero reason to risk him. I would actually pick a high ceiling SP prospect or former prospects. Pearson, Skubal, Manning, Mize, Cease, etc. Thinking those kids could be a difference maker. 

    Help with mine? 


  2. Going wild here. lol. I would go Vlad and Glasnow. Thinking Glasnow is ready to become one of the best SPs in baseball. Giolito is probably a better keeper at that value, but I would still go with Glasnow. 

    Help with mine. 


  3. Yahoo Dynasty H2H league. You keep 5 and lose that Round in the draft. I have pick 3 , but picks 1 and 2 had a 1st rounder keeper. So I'm pick one. My keepers are Degrom (R2), Cole (R5), Bieber (R9), Mondesi (R19) and Bregman (R20).

    The available players  that Im considering are: Yelich, Lindor, Harper and Arenado.

    Is Yelich the absolute no brainer here? I love Lindor, favorite player right now, but thinking it doesn't make sense to get him here with Mondesi at SS and bregman with SS eleg. I also like Harper this year but hard to pick Harper over Yelich, even after Yelich's disastrous last season.


  4. 48 minutes ago, ASHLANDARROWS1992 said:

    Just going by the majority of dynasty rankings,,kelenic is ranked the highest out of the 3, so getting the best player in a 2-1 deal is normally what’s best for business.  That being said, I do think it is an overpay at this moment.

    Hey, to each their own. I try to balance current value with hype and projections of prospects. IMO Fried is the best value right now by a significant margin and its also young and projects as a top of the rotation SP for a top team for years and years to com. I do understand Kelenic is suppsoed to be a super STUD, so its all about how you approach it. I want to win each and every year, especially this one. Thats why I wouldnt do that trade.

  5. 1 minute ago, ASHLANDARROWS1992 said:

    League and team details are important when asking questions like this..

    Agreed, but in this case I don't believe that would change the answer. I think that would a overpaying big time for Kelenic. I like prospects and projections, but you would be trading a young arm that's just coming off a very impressive season in his first year and plays for one of the best teams in MLB. I wouldnt even make that trade 1:1. I would ask for Kelenic an another solid player if he wants Fried.

  6. 8 minutes ago, FootballFan101 said:

    I'd keep Mondesi.  Marte is getting older, his steals have declined a little bit in recent years and I expect that trend to continue as he gets older.  Also the trade to MIA, which has a very pedestrian lineup, is arguably the worst hitters park in baseball, did his fantasy value no favors.  There was quite a big difference in his production with ARI compared to with MIA last year.  I'm avoiding Marte this year considering he's still going in the early 30s in most leagues.

    Ketel Marte, not Starlin Marte.

  7. I like Thor the best here. Thinking the Mets will be fighting for a playoff spot all year and Thor is more likely to pitch more than Severino. I think NYY is more likely to be on top of their division (I do like Toronto though) and ease back Severino just to ensure he is ready for the playoffs. I also trust Severino less, he has been injured for a very long time.


  8. 1 minute ago, IlliniGuy76 said:

    Marte, outside of one unreal season, has been a middling fantasy player for years.  If you're looking for steals and to help you win one cat, I'd go with Mondesi.  Look at Marte's numbers - he's not really going to help you on the base paths/swiping bases.

    You'd be keeping Marte with the belief that his 2019 season wasn't just a fluke.

    Ha!!!! That's what makes it so hard. I was obviously a Marte owner in 2019 and he carried my team in a bunch of cats for a good portion of the season. And he has been swinging it very well in ST (I know, ST is ST). Really appreciate the feedback.

  9. 12 hours ago, Smacdaddy said:

    I personally like Marte...but Mondesi is probably the better pick due to scarcity of SB.

    That's what has me thinking this, the SBs. I do like the MPE of Marte a lot. Mondesi is SS only and SS is incredibly deep this year in my opinion. But Mondesi can win SBs every week for me by himself. 

  10. 11 hours ago, IkeDawg said:

    Mondesi in the 19th round would be my pick.  His ceiling is just sooo high that it's worth the risk.

    Appreciate the help. Starting to lean that way now. The other benefit of Marte is the MPE, especially with 2B being pretty shallow compared to SS (my opinion of course). And Bregman has SS eleg. Thanks again.

  11. 37 minutes ago, Padrino said:

    I think Luzardo, Urias & McCullers are very similar at this point.  At the end of the season you could tell me who was the best or worst of the 3 & I would believe any outcome.  That said, if you trade Luzardo & replace him with either Urias or McCullers you basically didn't sacrifice anything.  I would lean with McCullers over Urias only because he has a secured spot in the Astros rotation & the Dodgers have Gonsolin, May & Urias all waiting in the wings for a rotation spot.

    I feel Moncada & Bryant aren't worlds apart either.  I'm high on Hayes but the jury is still out on him.  If I were you I would try make a splash & pull off a big trade because in 10-Team leagues the waiver wire is very deep so you can always find suitable replacements if anything were to go wrong.

    Thanks for the help with mine!!

    I respectfully disagree. Perhaps I could see "not sacrificing much" FOR THIS SEASON if Luzardo has an ok year and McCullers has a good comeback year (he was a nightmare to own last year ;). So maybe I could see your point in a a redraft league. In a dynasty league, I believe there is a significant gap between McCullers and Luzardo. Luzardo is one of the best young arms in baseball with the potential of being a top SP. Again, my opinion.

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