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  1. Why am I seeing some much love for Yu lately? Typically he is in my “dont draft list” as one of the most inconsistent SPs ever. What am I missing?
  2. I would go with Moncada and Glasnow (high risk high reward). If you dont like the injury risk associated with Glasnow, then Paddack is a good option.
  3. Overall, I lile Lux. However, you have stud OFs, I might actually keep Judge and hope he doesnt miss too much. I think its an acceptable risk based on your roster.
  4. I would keep Eloy over Pete as well. Yordan and Eloy would be migh two out of that group.
  5. If I had to keep one of them, I would go with Urquindy. I feel Puk’s injury risk is very high.
  6. I have these same 6 too. I dont like Scherzer as a Rd 1 keeper, but my guess is that your league is like mine and f you dont do it then you get none of the top SPs (Cole, JV, Degrom, Scherzer).
  7. I’ll take #2. I think the gap between Vlad/Robles over Bell/McMahon is big enough to cover the difference between Trout and Betts and then some.
  8. Lmao. Say ls the guy that bullied me to begin with. Im lost.
  9. Got it. I understand and respect your point. He still had really good numbers last year. Seems like you are assuming 2nd half was the start of the end. I dont necessarily agree with that. I think the risk of Blackmon not producing is lower than for example the risk of Clevinger and Glasnow getting injured. I saw your response and dont disagree with it. He has a very good offense already so he could just go SP all the way. I dont like the options he has to go that early. Also, I just dont like to do that so early on the draft. I try to keep a “best player available” mentality
  10. There’s another Deivi that pitches for Detroit? I provided other names as potential SP keepers to target which I thought could help him. You submit your replies, dont worry about what I post in a thread that’s not yours.
  11. He has been one of the most consistent OFs in the game for the past 3-4 years. Plus, one of the few guys these days that provides power with good avg/obp. Even with the “terrible” 2nd half, he still put up very good numbers. Im not super high on him, but I think he is without a doubt the best player and lowest risk right now of the group provided. From my perspective its all about risk and proven consistent performance. If you take that away, then it would be extremely easy for me. I would go Glasnow, Robert (then Clevinger) first without a doubt since Glasnow could be the next Degrom and Robe
  12. Ok, then I would go: Blackmon Castillo Robert Like I said, I like Robert a lot but you already have 2 stud OFs. If you think Robert might get to you later, then go Abreu.
  13. I would go: Blackmon, Clevinger, Castillo I love Robert and think he could be the next big superstar of the game. However, still think you would be reaching for him this early. Same with Abreu, I think he’ll have a monster season, but still reaching this early.
  14. Blackmon, Stanton, Soler, Muncy, Laureano. In that order.
  15. Update. Im pretty sure Im going to go with Cole, Bregman, Mondesi and marte as 4 of 5 keepers. For the 5th, decision is between Degrom in Rd 2 and Bieber in Rd 9. The way my league treats SP, its almost certain that Degrom wont make it to Rd 2 in the draft. I think he’ll be picked between 5-8 in Rd 1. So the questions and arguments/justification Im struggling with are: 1. Is having a monster 1-2 punch at SP with Degrom and Cole (high K, QS, K/9, etc) worth not having a pick on Rd 2. 2. I believe there’s a significant difference between Degrom and bieber, but is it or will
  16. I like Robert a lot and he is ready to roll. I think thats a good trade for you right now. Honestly, cant go wrong with either. Probably the best two all around talents. The Mondesi trade really depends on your roster and strategy in that league. I think its a good trade buying low on Stanton, but you’ll need to build the rest with pretty good avg/obp guys to balance Stanton. If healthy, I think he’ll hit 40-50 as a yankee. Plus, Mondesi doesnt come without risk either. It was frustrating owning him last year.
  17. I would keep Bo here. I dont like the huge injury risk that comes with Severino. He is already “going back to NY with discomfort”.
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