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  1. That's what I was thinking as well, but the avg draft position of Mondesi vs Marte got me thinking. Thx for the help.
  2. I like Happ hitting leadoff with multi pos eleg and potential for contribution across a bunch of cats. But Soler and Kepler have been going very late in drafts which I see as peoples expectations. I would go with Happ because of the multi pos eleg, but wouldn't reach for him. Kepler and Soler will be good for their current draft pos and will hit HRs for sure. Help with mine pls.
  3. I'll take Happ. More pos elegibility which gives you flexibility. More overall upside in multiple cats which gives you flexibility. Pls help.
  4. Agreed. I'd go with Springer and Randy. Pls help.
  5. I would go Stanton, Castellanos and Urquindy. Close between Urquindy and Alcantara. Help pls.
  6. I don't trust Gallen a bit starting the season in IL. Morton's R6 value is not good, but I think he still has some left in the tank to be good for you. Help pls.
  7. Torres for me, no doubt. Pls Help.
  8. For me it would be Woodruff all day Help.
  9. I think the upside of Lamet cant be ignored. QS, Ks, K/9. I would take Lamet, then Plesac then Hendricks. Concerned with Hendricks with the Cubs potentially being a below .500 team. McCullers killed me last year, so I wouldn't do that even though he does have great stuff if he is right. Help pls.
  10. Hard to tell without seeing your team. I would go with Lewis then Walsh because of their potential elite power, but it really depends on your needs. Help?
  11. I think your lineup is good. I wouldn't drop Lewis for any of those two players. If you really want to pick one of them up, I would drop Riley before dropping Lewis. Your pitching is decent, but really need lynn an Fried to have another outstanding season. I think Woodburn will be a beast again. Pls HELP.
  12. 10 team Yahoo H2H 5 keeper league. Fairly standard cats with OPS and QS instead of Ws. You lose the round the keeper was drafted. If picked up from FA, you lose last round (R22). My locked keepers are Degrom (R2), Cole (R5), Bieber (R12), Bregman (21). The options I'm considering for my last keeper are Ketel Marte (R22) and Mondesi (R19). Matt Olson (R13) is a distant third option. I had "decided" to go with Marte, but re-thinking it now. What would you do and why? WHIR! TIA!
  13. I love tatis and think he will be a stud in the next year or two. However, at this precise moment, i dont think thats nearly enough to get Acuña.
  14. If assuming players are healthy, I like a fully healthy team B better. Huge IF.
  15. I like this trade for you, especially with Suarez able to get healthy.
  16. Hopefully you didnt do it. Neither of those two trades were good trades for you.
  17. Freeman JD/Rendon (depending on 1st pick) Devers Flaherty JV (too much risk right now for a 2nd rd. If healthy I probably would have it 2-3 in that list.
  18. Assuming those top 4, I would go Mookie without a doubt.
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