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  1. I would go with Ozuna here and saving some $$$ to get an upgrade somewhere else.
  2. Thanks for the help. I was actually thinking Mondesi provides multi cat help in R, 3B, SB and also some power. Maybe I need to go back and re-assess. But I see what you mean about the SB value in H2H. Thx again.
  3. Looking at your roster, I would do the Scherzer for Story trade. You get a top SP that you need badly and at the same time create some offense flexibility.
  4. Not even close? Rendon, they guy that has put up MVP type numbers in the last two seasons and is one of the best hitters in the game? Not sure we are talking about the same player. Yes, theres a risk numbers will go down in LAA, but he will still hit. Theres also a risk that alvarez numbers will go down is his sophmore year. Or that he might not hit without knowing what’s coming.
  5. I really really like tatis. Like him a lot. But its hard for me to pick him over Lindor in this case. I would go Lindor, but Cant go wron with Tatis either in a Dynasty league
  6. I would be really hesitant to deal Robert. I really think he can be the next almost “Trout-like” phenom of MLB. Easy easy, I said almost. 😂
  7. Everything equal I think you have to go with rendon. Now, if you are talking about Rendon in 1st or 2nd Rd, vs Yordan in Rd 10 (as an example), then that would be a much tougher decision.
  8. Surprised no one thinks i should keep Degrom to dominate pitching along with Cole.
  9. I would take Soroka over Albies as well
  10. I would go this route too with Hiura as the 8th then focus on hitters early in the draft.
  11. I would do this as well, but swapping Mcneil for Luis Castillo. IMO Castillo is a stud and great value in Rd 9 and Cincy should be a lot better this year.
  12. I think you have to go with Mookie here and target a top SP in later rounds
  13. I would go with Hiura/Lux. Dont think its even that close.
  14. I like McKay and Heaney of that group. Also like Dakota Hudson and someone like Folty (Braves) late in the draft. Dakota was really good in the second half and Folty was a lot better when he came back up.
  15. Soroka without a doubt. Not even close in my opinion.
  16. Buehler, Bo and Robert are absolute MUST KEEP for you. I personally would go with Bieber as the last keeper. While I agree that in Rd 8 is not a great no brainer, I like having solid SPs and my leagues value SPs very high. Cant go wrong with Hiura over Bieber though, it all depends on your strategy. Help?
  17. I would keep Ryu at that price. Yes, injury risk and going to AL, but I think its still a very good value at that cost. Pls help with mine.
  18. Very close trade IMO. Really depends on team needs and your strategy. If you can trade Kepler and get Wheeler or Kluber, go for it!!
  19. Yes, I would absolutely do this trade. Goldy should perform closer to his old self in his second season in STL. he could be a one of the top offensive players in MLB with good power and rbi numbers combined with good avg and obp/ops. Rare combination these days.
  20. I would take Alvarez. At the end of the season he mentioned that the plan was for him to play OF this year. While that might not be completely accurate, I think theres a very good chance he’ll be OF eleg. I like Bo too, but I think Alvarez could carry a team. There are not many power guys that hit for a good avg/opb
  21. Thanks a lot. It definitely makes a lot sense. Im struggling mainly because I love the idea of having two studs with ridiculous K/9 numbers in the top of my rotation. But I get it, value wise, doesnt make sense to get Degrom at 2 when I could potentially still get him there in the draft. Only if I knew what pick I had in the draft before deciding keepers. Thats would help me a lot. Thanks again for the help.
  22. I would go with this. Trout T. Turner Mondesi J. Abreu Correa Clevinger Morton I really like abreu this year. He has always been a good and consistent hitter and with a much better lineup he’ll have a lot more chances to drive runs in and be motivated. Help with mine?
  23. These were the ones I had initially. Now bringing back Bieber and Olson as options. With the feedback received, now Thinking Marte is a strong candidate for keeper # 4 with cole, bregman and mondesi. That would leave Degrom, Bieber and Olson (A’s) for the last spot. Or Marte, Degrom, Bieber and olson to pick two. Really not sure.
  24. Thanks a lot. After last season, Im really considering Marte as a keeper. He was a beast and at last round keeper, risk is very low. I would be set in the IF with a lot of flexibility. I just dont know if I can do Marte over Degrom with having bregman and mondesi. Those are the kind of thoughts Im struggling with. Really appreciate your inputs.
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