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  1. Buehler, Bo and Robert are absolute MUST KEEP for you. I personally would go with Bieber as the last keeper. While I agree that in Rd 8 is not a great no brainer, I like having solid SPs and my leagues value SPs very high. Cant go wrong with Hiura over Bieber though, it all depends on your strategy.



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  2. Yes, I would absolutely do this trade. Goldy should perform closer to his old self in his second season in STL. he could be a one of the top offensive players in MLB with good power and rbi numbers combined with good avg and obp/ops. Rare combination these days. 

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  3. I would take Alvarez. At the end of the season he mentioned that the plan was for him to play OF this year. While that might not be completely accurate, I think theres a very good chance he’ll be OF eleg. I like Bo too, but I think Alvarez could carry a team. There are not many power guys that hit for a good avg/opb

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  4. 1 minute ago, TheTruth024 said:

    These are easy for me, and based on value alone.  Like Hootie once said, its not about names all the time but VALUE.  

    Mondesi, Bregman, and Marte are absolute locks.  Insane value at rounds 19, 20, 22 for those 3.

    The other 2 are Cole and Bieber.  Why keep DeGrom in round 2 when you can just draft another great player there.  You wont get the caliber of player of a Bieber, who is just a notch below DeGrom, in the 9th round.  So those 5 are easy choices for me.

    Thanks a lot. It definitely makes a lot sense. Im struggling mainly because I love the idea of having two studs with ridiculous K/9 numbers in the top of my rotation. But I get it, value wise, doesnt make sense to get Degrom at 2 when I could potentially still get him there in the draft. Only if I knew what pick I had in the draft before deciding keepers. Thats would help me a lot. Thanks again for the help.

  5. I would go with this. 


    T. Turner


    J. Abreu




    I really like abreu this year. He has always been a good and consistent hitter and with a much better lineup he’ll have a lot more chances to drive runs in and be motivated. 

    Help with mine? 

  6. 14 minutes ago, superman100679 said:

    I would say Cole, deGrom, Bregman, Mondesi, and Marte

    These were the ones I had initially. Now bringing back Bieber and Olson as options. With the feedback received, now Thinking Marte is a strong candidate for keeper # 4 with cole, bregman and mondesi. That would leave Degrom, Bieber and Olson (A’s) for the last spot. Or Marte, Degrom, Bieber and olson to pick two. Really not sure.

  7. 30 minutes ago, charger_ss24 said:

    I’d go Cole, Bieber, Mondesi, Bergman and Marte.

    Thanks a lot. After last season, Im really considering Marte as a keeper. He was a beast and at last round keeper, risk is very low. I would be set in the IF with a lot of flexibility. I just dont know if I can do Marte over Degrom with having bregman and mondesi. Those are the kind of thoughts Im struggling with. Really appreciate your inputs.

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  8. This seems like selling extra low on the b2b Cy Young. I dont think this is close at all. Giolito had his first good season in his career last year and got hit a lot harder towards the end of the season. I would laugh if I get offered that for Degrom.



  9. Machado hands down here. He should bounce back and provide decent power (SD sucks for power hitters) with good avg and hopefully remain 3B and SS eligible. I dont think Muncy’s value is even close and you could potentially get what he offers off a late round draft pick or even FA.

    Help pls.


  10. How does your league value SP? My league is crazy on SPs, all top are gon by 2nd round or mid 3rd. If that’s the case with you, I would swap JRam for Flaherty. Way too good of a 2nd half to ignore. If your league doesnt value SP that much, I would swap JRam with Eloy. I owned JRam last year and it was a big disappointment and pain to own. Maybe Im biased because of that. Lol 

    Pls help with mine



  11. Im assuming it doesn't matter what round they were drafted. This decision is harder than it looks since you already have 2 top top OFs as keepers. I’m going to go with Bo and Snell. Eloy would be a no brainer if you didn't have Acuña and Soto, but you do. I like Soroka a lot, but I see Snell’s fantasy ceiling a lot higher because of the Ks. Potential to dominate a couple of categories with him along with Degrom. 

    Please help with mine.


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  12. Need help and different thinking on keepers. 

    Standard Yahoo H2H league with QS instead of W. You keep 5 players. Can keep a player for 5 years. 

    i’m thinking Cole, Bregman and Mondesi are locked in as keepers. There’s a good amount of top players becoming FAs, that’s why Im not completely sure on Degrom. But leaning towards it to have a killer 1-2 with him and Cole. 

    Here are my options. Number in left is draft/keeper round. You lose that round on the draft. 

    2 - Degrom

    5 - Gerritt Cole 

    9 - Bieber

    13 - Matt Olson

    14 - Ryu

    19 - Mondesi 

    20 -  Bregman 

    22 - Ketel Marte

    22 - Casey Mize

    TIA. WHIR!

  13. Bro, in a keeper league you would be crazy to do that trade. Acuña has as much value as anyone right now in a keeper league. Assuming you drafted him late too. Buehler is a stud too. You are giving up the two best valued players (for a keeper league) in the trade. By FAR. I would never do that trade. My opinion.

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