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  1. Is that really where people are valuing him!? You should be drafting this guy around the same place you'd draft Cohen, Hines or Drake. He's a 3rd down back. He's not built to be a starter.
  2. Y'all missed my point completely. Fournette was left for dead as a "made of glass" RB. Then, he promptly played all 16 games in 2019 and compiled almost 1700 yards. If you drafted him at a massive discount because of the dumb injury narrative, you hit the jackpot. Same for Cook. Same for Jones. Same for a ton of other running backs who have gotten that label. Every running back is more likely to get injured than stay healthy in a given season. Fading guys because they got injured in the past is a great way to lose in fantasy. Identifying these discounts is a great way to win.
  3. Tennessee is taking Tylan Wallace, WR, OK state. Savvy, tough as nails, YAC WR. Brown and Wallace will be an absolute nightmare tandem for defensive backs. Colts, @bomont, you're up.
  4. Conner for sure. Edmonds is a scat back. His upside is PPR RB2. Go after the ceiling. Yes, Conner might get hurt (any back could get hurt), but he's a all-purpose back in a good system with an improved line. His potential upside is much higher.
  5. He's not a Barkley or Dalvin Cook level superstar RB, but I do think he has enough talent to be a pro bowl level RB. He's not flashy, but substance is more important than style. I think he's similar to guys like Jacobs and Monty in skillset and situation, which is why I think those guys are good comps. However both will go many rounds ahead of Conner in drafts. Hence, Conner offers better value.
  6. All of the above situations seem pretty clear to me. If you're just saying that Conner's situation is murky in the sense that he doesn't have the backfield all to himself, than sure, I agree. But if that's the definition of murky, than all but 4 or 5 RBs in the league have murky situations.
  7. Guilty. Except, it's more that the rest of the fantasy community has an irrational hatred of him. It happens with every good RB who gets hurt in his prime. Dalvin Cook. Aaron Jones. Fournette. CMC and Barkley will join the group when (not if) they get injured one more time.
  8. The Bucs situation is 4 RBs. This is an early down back and a pass catcher. Like I said, this is no different than most backfields. Jonathan Taylor has Hines and Mack. Monty has to deal with Damien Williams and Cohen. Josh Jacobs has Drake and Richard. Chubb has Hunt. Dobbins, Edwards, and Jackson all have to share carries. I'm not suggesting Conner is an elite RB1, but I do think he van be a high end RB2, and his situation is no worse than that of other guys in that range.
  9. Mostly agree, but it's worth noting that he's the incumbent 3rd down back. Not an incumbent starter.
  10. I mean, would you say the same thing about David Montgommery or Josh Jacobs? Conner is a starting RB. He's 6'1" and 230 and has an every down skillset. Edmonds is like 5'9" and 200 lbs, and plays like a small, 3rd down back. There's nothing murky here.
  11. Edmonds is a nice 3rd down back. That's it. His closest player comp according to playerprofiler is Dion Lewis. The narrative that he would be a breakout bellcow was always insane.
  12. He didn't. Conner played 561 offensive snaps to Snell's 281. Snell played more snaps week 1, after Conner got dinged up/disciplined for yelling at Tomlin. Snell never outsnapped Conner again. Care to try again?
  13. Also factually inaccurate. Snell averaged an embarrassing 3.3 ypc last year and McFarland averaged 3.4. Conner was never benched for anyone.
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