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  1. He might not even make the team. Golladay could be back, and they will likely draft or sign more WRs. Williams is a guy. There are 50 WRs that can give you the same production and most have more upside.
  2. I don't know how he doesn't already have the record. He's so good at anticipating lazy passes and taking advantage. More guys should study the way he does it.
  3. Easy to make fun of Cousins, but if he keeps throwing for over 4000 yards and 30 TDs every year, I think he can support a TE.
  4. Irv Smith is somehow younger than Noah Fant and TJ Hockenson. He's shown flashes as basically a baby in the NFL. We haven't seen anything yet. The sky is the limit for this dude.
  5. 100%. They will either bring back one, or neither. There's basically no chance they bring back both.
  6. I feel like I keep reading that about various players (ARob, Golladay, Jones, etc.). It makes sense from the standpoint of the team. If you can even get a 4th round pick instead of nothing, why not? If enough teams start doing that, I could see them putting in a rule that franchised players can't be traded for X amount of time.
  7. The plot thickens! I was assuming he was as good as gone, but maybe he gets one more year as a Packer. Big concern now would be that he might not be happy with the tag. Speaking Tuesday, Packers GM Brian Gutekunst said the franchise tag is an option for impending free agent Aaron Jones. "It's very much case by case," Gutekunst said after maligning that there are "usually better ways to avoid it." 26 with his one real chance to get paid as an NFLer, Jones is not going to be handing out hometown discounts. That means the tag will be all but inevitable if the Pack want t
  8. So then are we all collectively agreeing that Josh Oliver will never be a thing? He's the only TE on the Jags roster right now. They used an early third round pick on him and constantly said good things about him, he's just always been hurt.
  9. I mean, I also wouldn't expect Tonyan to score 11 TDs again. Scoring double digit TDs is really hard to do. For anyone. He'd have a shot, but he could also put up a 45/450/4 season as a nondescript TE2.
  10. Expect? No. Hope for? Yes. The yards and receptions are reasonable, but I'm not "expecting" 11 TDs from literally anyone, much less an unproven lotto ticket.
  11. Tonyan is a better athlete across the board and had the benefit of playing with Rodgers. I don't see Parham having a meaningful role outside of the red zone. Theoretically he can put up great fantasy numbers as a TD scorer, but a reliable TE1 needs more volume.
  12. Weird. Safe to say he's roughly a 4.7 speed guy. I do think he's basically a rich man's Mo Allie Cox. He's definitely more than worth an end of bench dynasty stash, but I can't see any scenario in which he has elite TE1 upside. There's also a good chance that the Chargers sign or draft another TE, even if Henry leaves.
  13. I was looking at playerprofiler. He's actually 4.73, not 4.75 there. Regardless, he's not fast or particularly athletic. He is huge though, and he has a good burst score. These things should make him a near impossible cover in the red zone. https://www.playerprofiler.com/nfl/donald-parham/
  14. Waller runs a 4.45. Parham runs a 4.75. Waller has an 81st percentile agility score. Parham has a 9th, yes ninth, percentile agility score. Waller is an elite WR playing TE. Parham is a giant human who could become an awesome red zone threat. He's a guy who could catch 12 TDs in a season or something crazy, but he'll never be an elite receiving talent.
  15. The best value at TE in 2021 will be.... Austin Hooper. You're probably laughing right now, and that just proves my point. From week 4 on this is what Hooper did when he played. 5 for 32 and a TD 5 for 57 5 for 52 Played in a torrential rainstorm. Cleveland ran the ball like 45 times. Ditto. 2 catches including a TD. 2 catch dud against the Titans. 5 for 41 and a TD 7 for 71 4 for 37 and a TD. He missed a few games with an injury and played two consecutive horrible weather games. Other than that, he was a 5 for 50 guy with 50
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