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  1. Cohen played 2 and a half games last year. D-Mont's breakout was like 10 weeks after Cohen was done for the year. C'mon now.
  2. Dude you forgot Davis and Cole, two likely starters, lol. Mims is bench depth, and Crowder likely gets traded this summer. Davis, Moore, and Cole probably end up starting in 3 wide sets.
  3. Since Montgomery came into the league, only one RB has been harder to tackle. Alvin Kamara. Monty has been harder to bring down than every other RB in the league. This dude has become so underrated, in actual football. I do think his situation caps his fantasy upside a bit, but I wouldn't be one bit surprised if he had an RB1 season. He's so good.
  4. *Promoted Canada was the QBs coach last year. Whether this signals any actual change in offensive philosophy remains to be seen. Edit - I'm guessing it won't. Matt Canada made one thing clear Tuesday in discussing changes he is bringing to the Pittsburgh Steelers in his first year as offensive coordinator: Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger won’t bend to his system. The system will bend to Roethlisberger’s comfort level. “We’re going to do what Ben wants to do,” Canada said, “and how Ben wants to do it.”
  5. Sure. They absolutely had to throw the ball in that game. They fell way behind and it made sense. Forget about that. There are examples just like this from every game in the second half, but this is my favorite. This sequence is from week 9 when they blew out Cincy. This series of play calls takes place between late third into the 4th quarter of a blowout win by the Steelers. Pass End around flip to Claypool Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass Pass 11 yard run by Conner Pass Pass 1 yard Conner run Pass Pass
  6. Maybe. They got those first 8 wins with a running game though. Wins 9 and 10 came against the Bengals and Jags. After that, they went 2-4. The team had far more success when they did run the ball, which I guess could be a good sign for Harris, if Tomlin has a brain.
  7. I'm not ignoring that Conner has a detailed injury history. But, he was healthy last year. Proving once again, that even the most "injury prone" players are capable of staying on the field.
  8. That's simply not true. He was not banged up, nor did he come out of any of those games in the second half (save for the one minor injury where he missed one game). They simply had no interest in running the ball. And honestly, when they did run, it was just the occasional dive up the middle followed by 15 consecutive passes. Am I the only one who watched the Steelers in the second half last year when Tomlin lost his mind. I've never seen anything like it. Not close.
  9. Bro. It's not cherry picking. The Steelers completely stopped running the ball in the 2nd half of the season. There's nothing to look at. He averaged single digit rushing attempts in the 5 games he played in the second half of the season (2 missed due to Covid, one to injury). Meanwhile, Ben was throwing the ball 50 plus times per game. I honestly can't find his yards vs expected for those games, but it doesn't matter one way or the other because the sample would be insignificant.
  10. Conner missed one game due to injury last year. More importantly, and I won't stop stressing this, he was an ELITE RB last year. Seriously, he was amazing. And nobody noticed. I've already pointed out that he broke tackles at the same rate as Alvin Kamara last year, but how about this: Through the first 8 games of the 2020 season Conner was 5th in the league is yards created vs expected. Better than Derrick Henry, Aaron Jones, Kamara, etc. The dude had no blocking, and made everything happen through his own sheer talent and force of will. The James Conner slander has
  11. Oh, you're right. I had seen 4.66, but that's his high school forty. No way he ran a legit 4.45, lol. No way to know his time, I guess. But Bell was 4.6 out of college. Harris could be a tick lower than that, but he's not a speed player.
  12. Peterson was obviously better. Lynch was extra special as a pure RB in his prime too. Charles was my favorite back of that "era", but was more of a pure speed player and finesse guy. So was CJ2K. Guys like Shady and Foster were obviously elite RBs from a technical standpoint. But I think prime Bell was right there with them. For the sake of this, I'm not including guys like Dalvin, Saquon, and Henry as I consider them the next gen. RB generations are very short. So best, I guess not. But certainly top 3-5.
  13. You can think what you want. But he tested slower and less agile (Bell tested top of the charts agility). Najee might be stronger, but Bell was extremely strong himself.
  14. Can you show me a metric where Najee tested faster, stronger, or more agile than Bell. He's definitely slower and less agile. Bell was 80th percentile in the bench press. Can't find anything for Najee, but if he's stronger, it's not by much. More importantly, he isn't anywhere near the polished back Bell was in his prime. LeVeon was possibly the best pure runner of his generation. Let's not tarnish Bell's skills because he turned out to seemingly be a bag. If you want to bet that a RB who hasn't taken a single NFL snap is alreadt better than an elite perennial pro-bono back, go
  15. When Bell was a beast in Pittsburgh, they had a top 3 offensive line in the league. They currently have a bottom 3 offensive line. If you think Harris is going to get the holes that LeVeon got, you're going to be sorely disappointed. Edit- Not a knock on Bell, he was truly a great back. Najee is not that good of a back, and he's going to have a much harder task ahead of him.
  16. Two possibilities. Crowder is cut/traded or Mims is a massive bust. No way Moore isn't getting a lot of snaps.
  17. Thank you. I forgot to make this point. "Did you know that in the 8 year span from 1999-2006, Peyton Manning only produced 1 elite WR. Only 1. See elite QBs don't produce that many elite WRs..." *Ignores the fact that Harrison was an elite WR every single one of those 8 years*
  18. Also, Tom Brady is 44 years old. He's not an elite production QB anymore. I'm not saying elite QB to elite WR is a 100% correlation. Obviously some elite QBs may spread the ball around too much (though, as I objectively disagree with your examples, I literally can't think of an elite QB who didn't consistently produce elite targets). Finally, some WRs are going to be so elite that they transend QBs. No one would reasonably argue against that. Adams, Hopkins, MT, maybe Keenan Allen. Those guys are probably elite anywhere. But think about someone like Wilson elevating the Do
  19. Unless I'm misunderstanding your point... This is only statistically true because there are way more middling QBs than super elite ones. If there are 10 elite WRs in the league and 3 elite QBs, then 7 of the 10 elite WRs are coming from middling QBs. So, wow, middling QBs are producing over twice as many elite WRs as the elite QBs... this of course ignores the fact that, in this example, elite QBs have a 100% elite WR rate, and middling QBs are at like 25%.
  20. Your overall point is well-taken, but this is a weird argument. Manning's number one target was consistently elite. Ditto Rodgers. Brees had some all-time great seasons with Colston and MT. Brady supported the greatest fantasy TE ever, and some of the greatest WR numbers ever with Moss. Middling QBs can produce elite WRs, but given the choice, I'm taking a Hall of Fame QB's number one.
  21. "Kupp has struck up a relationship with Stafford since their families had dinner... Kupp: 'Chemistry, whether you’re talking about playing on the field and how you’re seeing defenses or being able to sit down & have dinner, I feel like that stuff kind of plays into each other.'" Best buds. Say it with me, WR1.
  22. My comment was supposed to be somewhat tongue-in-cheek. Guess it didn't come across that way. Injuries are mostly random, except for in the cases of extreme outliers. Any RB could play 16 or 17 games this year, and any RB could tear an ACL in week 2. No one knows who is going to get hurt.
  23. I'd love to see a deep analysis of starting RBs who have played 30 plus games over two seasons vs RBs who have missed, say, 8 plus games over two years. Maybe we should be avoiding the guys who have stayed healthy more than the "injury prone" guys. Just a thought.
  24. But if there's no intended target, how could it be part of the target share? *Head Explodes*
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